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  • I imagine this is what it would sound like if Torche & Red Fang had a baby
  • Come to Madrid (Spain)¡¡¡¡
  • good band. to me they sound kinda like modern take on motorhead
  • great!
  • Gone to Hell, and I can't come back now! [2]
  • Seriously, this shit is so good. [2]
  • Do they good at live?
  • Жирность зашкаливает
  • Here pics and impressions of the Berlin concert:
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Doomriders
  • The Hammock Review has rated 'Grand Blood' as the 5th greatest album of 2013:
  • Seriously, this shit is so good.
  • Kvelertak+Baroness=Doomriders
  • Shit, why didn't anyone tell me about the new album? It's not amazing but I'd expect to at least hear about it.
  • New official promo picture here:
  • Loved Darkness Comes Alive and Black Thunder. Grand Blood didn't knock me on my ass at first like the other 2. Nate's the man...looking forward to hearing the new songs live. Agree with most posters about GB. Bad Vibes rips though!
  • BT > DCA = GB [1]
  • New album somewhat lacks the rock/swagger that Darkness had.
  • Kvelertakriders
  • What is missing? J R Conners is missing.. still Grand Blood is pretty awesome
  • Grand Blood is amazing
  • Grand blood is good but i have the impression of something missing,but this is just me.
  • @irishtim I agree...Grand Blood is far above Darkness Come Alive...imo
  • Grand Blood is good, but doesn't come close to Darkness Come Alive... imo.
  • @cryptic-death The guy with the Testament shirt is the Unearth's vocalist , not me, haha.
  • Grand blood is dark, man.
  • Neurosiesque without Neurosis.
  • lol @ ur testament shirt, New albums sounding pretty good though
  • Deathwish hipster music.
  • Grand Blood is incomparable to Darkness Come Alive :S
  • wow! it rocks!
  • can't wait for the new record!
  • More specifically, [url=]October 15th[/url].
  • new album is on it's way! they released the artwork and tracklist yesterday on their facebook page!
  • Hang on peeps. New album is coming soon..They are just waiting for the artwork to the record, which should be done sometime in August. So my guess is it's either gonna be released in August or September :)
  • We need a new album! [5] Damn straight... New opus should be done and out this year according to Deathwish Inc.
  • I'm bejita-sama
  • We need a new album! [4] Need it now!! ;]
  • We need a new album! [3]
  • We need a new album! [2] Seriously, when the fuck are these guys gonna tour again? I'm dying to see them >.<!
  • 'Sirens' is part of the unofficial soundtrack to a children's story about outer space:
  • We need a new album!
  • Darkness cooome aliiive sing to sleep my soul!
  • Nice stuff here!
  • Great band. Just found these guys! awesome blend of genres.
  • sooo cute music
  • Doomriders Rock!
  • Are We Not Men? 7'' is fantastic.


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