• Setlist: Truth Church Band - 04-21-2013 Truth Church, Norman, OK

    Apr 23 2013, 9:30 di HorrorOfDunwich

    This week at Truth Church I wasn't on my game. Still had fun. Got to do one of the old ones I like again. For a special treat Pastor Jimmy's kids came up and did a song. One sang, the other played bass and Jimmy's Mother played keys for the song. We didn't have a drummer this week, hopefully he will be back soon.

    Truth Church Band
    Truth Church
    Norman, OK

    James Allen Smith - Vocals/Keys
    Joey Fisher - Lead Electric Guitar
    Christophe Murdock - Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
    Richard Fields - Bass
    Alan Pate - Rhythm Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
    Jimmilea Parks - Vocals on "No Sweeter Name"

    1. This Is What You Do (Jeremy Riddle/Matt Stinton) - Alan Pate on Lead Vox.
    2. What A Mighty God We Serve (Don Moen)
    3. None Compares To You (James Allen Smith)
    * Sabrina welcomes guests and makes announcements
    4. No Sweeter Name (Kari Jobe) - Jimmilea Parks on Lead Vox.
    * Ministry time with Minister Gary Kenna
    5. I Am A Promise (Bill Gaither Trio) - Performed by the Smith Boys.
  • Hallelujah to the lamb / 모든민족과방언들가운데

    Lug 8 2008, 3:27 di KyoshiroHiotoko

    전하세예수 Version


    할렐루야 할렐루야 어린양께 영광을
    할렐루야 할렐루야 주의 보혈 덮으사
    모든 족속 모든 방언 모든 백성 열방이
    모든 영광 모든 존귀 모든 찬양 주께 드리세

    모든 민족과 방언들 가운데 우리 여기 모였네
    주의 보혈과 그 사랑으로 친 백성 삼으셨네
    주를 향한 감사와 찬양은 말로다 표현할 수 없네
    다만 내 소리 높여 온 맘을 다해 찬양하리라

    할렐루야 할렐루야 어린양께 영광을
    할렐루야 할렐루야 주의 보혈 덮으사
    모든 족속 모든 방언 모든 백성 열방이
    모든 영광 모든 존귀 모든 찬양 주께 드리세

    무릎 꿇고서 다함께 고백해 만유의 주님


    Don Moen version
    Hallelujah To The Lamb


    Lord I stand in the midst of a multitude
    Of those from every tribe and tongue
    We are Your people redeemed by Your blood
    Rescued from death by Your love
    There are no words
    Good enough to thank You
    There are no words to express my praise
    But I will lift up my voice
    And sing from my heart
    With all of my strength

    Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
    To the Lamb
    Hallelujah hallelujah
    By the blood of Christ we stand
    Every tongue every tribe
    Every people every land
    Giving glory giving honor
    Giving praise unto the Lamb of God