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DOMINE is one of the most successful bands of the Italian HEAVY METAL scene and one of the longest running. It was formed in 1983 and started to release demo tapes in 1986. The EPIC POWER METAL band from Florence got some attention with their first cd “Champion Eternal”, an album released in 1997 that got great feedback by all the metal maniacs around the world, becoming a cult-release. Domine went…

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  • We need some more Corum!
  • The epitome of underrated power metal. [3] Yes, and I daresay the best power metal band out of Italy. These guys at their best actually put Labÿrinth/Vision Divine and even any version of Rhapsody to shame if you ask me! (BATTLE GODS!) - They fly on their swords / (BATTLE GODS!) - Chasing the wind and the stars / (BATTLE GODS!) - Across the universe they riiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIDE! Dear (Battle) Gods these guys are AWESOME! ._. I'd hope for some sign of activity from them, and I'd die to see them live one day!
  • The epitome of underrated power metal. [2]
  • The epitome of underrated power metal.
  • They got better with every album, which is a rare thing. I love all the Moorcock-themed albums and songs (and his books), but Ancient Spirit Rising (their best) proved they didn't need to borrow ideas to write awesome songs. I know some fans would like them to have stayed stagnant and released album after album just like Stormbringer Ruler, but I love that they change a little each time instead. Not too much, but just enough to keep me from thinking they're stuck in neutral. I really hope there's another album.
  • Moorcock Metal :D
  • Uno dei migliori gruppi italiani, senza dubbio.
  • True Believer ♪ \m/
  • This band is so ridiculously underrated, seeing as it (or so I think -- I've never heard early Domine) is kind of a grandfather to all the Italian metal bands, and even to this "epic metal" paradigm in some extent! What would Rhapsodies be without Domine's influence? That said... maybe I should actually listen to their early material one time to actually find out whether I'm talking crap or not. :D
  • Stargazer cover is omg :O

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