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I Dishwalla sono una alternative rock band di Santa Barbara, in California. I membri sono Jim Wood (tastiera), Rodney Browing Cravens (chitarra principale), J.R. Richards (vocalist, chitarra e tastiera), Pete Maloney (batteria) e Scot Alexander (basso, juno 60).
George Pendergast ha suonato la batteria per la band sin dal 1998, poi è stato sostituito da Pete Maloney.
Il nome della band deriva da un termine indiano che…

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  • I don't like the new singer :'( (2)
  • Wow, how come I didn't hear this great music before. Very good stuff!
  • I don't like the new singer :'(
  • "ANgel or Devil " Forever <33
  • great band, ótimas músicas
  • It doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. There are several bands with tremendous talent who have never had any hits.
  • Hey, I just meant that the term "one-hit wonder" itself implies some kind of negative connotation, like the band was able to write only one decent song which became a hit, and the other stuff of theirs is far from good. Can't say for sure, but that's the way most people think, I guess. Yeah, they weren't the "kings of 90's", that's true, but they don't deserve to be called a one-hit wonder in the common sense of the word - that's my point.
  • "Pet Your Friends is the debut album by American alternative rock band Dishwalla. It was released in 1995 on A&M Records. The album produced the hit single "Counting Blue Cars" (the third single off the album and only one to gain widespread success), which was a Top 40 favorite. However, the song also caused the group to gain somewhat of a one-hit wonder status because of it." :|
  • They had one hit.... What do you think a one-hit wonder is?
  • I don't think you shoud call a band a one-hit wonder based on how much airplay they got. There's more to Dishwalla than "Counting Blue Cars", man, there's much more than that.

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