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  • Anyone know when the new album drops?
  • 11:11. Sweet.
  • 11:11 is so slick.
  • 'Growing Pains' is a good album!
  • Vote this up, please.
  • Dinosaur Pile-Up - In my room. For those who missed RADVENT !
  • and Pixies. And Barbra Streisand, why not.
  • Like a mix of Pinback and Foo Fighters
  • not the same without Harry Johns, live anyway
  • Review of Nature Nurture
  • Saw these guys last night and they were so sick
  • agree the vocals sound off in places, like too whiny or something. but these songs are getting better and better. it'd be nice if they had made it available ANYWHERE outside the uk so that i didn't have to find it through extralegal means. by the time it's released here i might not give a fuck to buy it, the band/label made a huge mistake there. 'peninsula' is favorite track thus far.
  • So... link anybody?
  • Nature Nurture basically has no bad tracks on it.
  • Derail is awesome! >3
  • Arizona Waiting is so good! Favourite DPU track so far, can't stop listening to it. Not sure about the production and the vocals effects on the new songs yet though...
  • You can download a new track of dinosaur pile-up by their page.
  • is like weezer but i prefer rivers cuomo!!
  • it's like Foo Fighters but they only need 3 guys to do the same. [3]
  • Need a new album!!! [3]
  • Wheels Turning ;) keep rockin dudes ;)
  • Need a new album!!!
  • it's like Foo Fighters but they only need 3 guys to do the same. [2]
  • Hello everyone) I'm the lead singer in an alternative band from Russia called "Rake Garden", so if you guys are looking for new music to listen, I'd be glad to present you to our band. We sing in English) I'll be glad if you write me what you think of our music when you listen to our album) here is the link All songas are for free download)
  • it's like Foo Fighters but they only need 3 guys to do the same.
  • Sounds a lot like 'Dear You' era Jawbreaker
  • классно, четко, заебись!
  • manero xD
  • they kicked ASS at the O2 in Bristol the other day!
  • Yay!! correct band photo!! much happiness ensues!
  • they are they band what we all wished we'd formed. STILL NEED TO CHANGE PIC TO ACTUAL LINE UP
  • i like them, they're kind of a mix of some of the bands i love XD
  • I'd sign them in a second...
  • love this band, its like a lovechild of nirvana, foo fighters and weezer! i hope matt lets the band play on the next album though, growing pains is a great album n all but i'll rather have that sexy mofo bassist with his orange bean doing the vocal harmonies and that drummer who looks like j mascis play on the next one! (:
  • @asiarafal yeah...I'd say kinda
  • They remind me of Feeder a little bit :)
  • Dinosaur Pile-Up came into the Shazam Sessions studio to perform some exclusive acoustic tracks, as well as an interview - come and check them out!
  • Just dropping in to voice my praise of this band, they're awesome. There's something about their sound and attitude which just, I dunno, agreeable to me, I guess.
  • Nirvana 20 years later!
  • holy fuck, just heard traynor. damn, these guys are like what i want in a band.
  • Mona Lisa is great.
  • Gah, I love them<3 Shame I can't go to any of there concerts near me yet :(
  • Amazing band! Discovered the band supporting the Pixies in Amsterdam. Still waiting for them to give a gig in the Netherlands again. Keep up the amazing work boys! Love your songs
  • Amazing band, fantastic live, awesome songs. Should be bigger.
  • I thought the album was a bit meh, with a few highlights but after seeing them live I have a new found respect for the whole album. They were rad on the Rocksound tour.
  • brilliant band
  • Remind me of Foo Fighters, i love them. Fuckin great band. TRAYNOR <3


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