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  • in her new album she goes more on a "pop" side, but still without losing her roots. One of my favorites of 2013.
  • sexy
  • -умница девочка
  • she's fit.
  • The new EP for Visionquest is mighty tasty
  • polvo.. <3 I love it.
  • пэшон очень да
  • polvo
  • los celos los celos....Chilenos chilenos.. que gueno que se salvo de quedarse en shile.
  • пешн!
  • Paquita! (2)
  • @Rosa_Espinoza: eran los 90's.
  • muy bueno!!! y hasta ahora lo "descubro" u.u
  • Paquita!
  • anemik is such a great piece of plastic! very great work, mrs.
  • música libre!
  • эЙ, я б с тобой водки выпил, да по полям на тракторе покатался.
  • Her look is very like Florence and the machine.
  • looking forward to her mix cd on cocoon
  • simply lovely
  • I agree with testspecimen. ''Anemik'' took me completely by surprise. I didn't expect much after Dinky's not-so-great previous works but this is very solid, fresh, interesting. Minimal I like.
  • Vote, please.
  • i just love you used native romanian lyrics in rominks, big huggs ... unexpected, i hope you know what it means too !
  • dinky love.<3
  • dinky fact mix guys! :
  • anemik is going on my end of year list for sure. didn't love what i'd heard from her before anemik but i'm hooked on that one.
  • YES!
  • Loving the Lydian EP !!!!! Hot 1
  • Anemik - this is what I like.
  • she smile at me once in a dj set :). and i guess more than once.
  • does this chick ever smile? :S love the beats though!
  • guys, for dinky lovers,
  • Check our Review of Dinky's new album Anemik and prelisten it!
  • profile pic should be this one: vote for it!
  • ra_86 wow!
  • Cerebral music with heart. Chile vencera!
  • some love meat surely!
  • I'm happy to go along with whatever the Guardian thinks.
  • very fluid and intricate...mind
  • i like the dubstep break in the album :D
  • i like may be later
  • oh no seriousness here ,we all have "opinions" and the internet is the king of them and the king of hate as well.. "There is no Rules when it comes to "Taste" a woman who loved to eat rotten eggs used to say..."
  • I'm not sure I get this right - am I supposed to base my view on what The Guardian thinks? Am I not allowed to be let down by this album? Am I absolutely obliged to think it's brilliant? Is it completely outrageous for me to have my own opinion?
  • THE GUARDIAN, biggest UK paper doesnt think so, "acid tongue" ...careful with your acid intake , you might damage your sense of hearing... Alex Mc Pherson , THE GUARDIAN , REVIEW: The Chilean expat scene in Germany has produced a disproportionate number of forces in techno. Like her compatriots Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, Alejandra Iglesias, aka Dinky - a former dancer for Peter Gabriel - makes music full of intricate detail. Her aesthetic is a fundamentally tight, minimal one, but unexpected sounds spring into the mix from all directions; every track leads the listener on a host of tangents. The effect is disorientating, like wandering through a maze, but addictive; May Be Later is an endlessly distracting album. On Burdelia alone, a demented jack-in-the-box melody plays off a cut-up vocal chant, a toy violin motif and distant rattling percussion. Fademein finds guest vocalist Jorge González whispering sexual come-ons; Dinky responds with some frankly obscene electronic squeaks. There's something to pay attention to almost everywhere you listen. Brilliant Album BTW
  • "may be later" is such a let down... maybe later, dinky, maybe later.
  • heute abend live guggn. ;)
  • take a trip....

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