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  • Avatar di VolosyNazad
    Rabenflug sounds like ealry Summoning. omnomnom
  • Avatar di Frozen-Blood
    great band
  • Avatar di x_LocNar_x
    Hunger for Life" is one of the best black metal albums in 2012[2] absolutely mindblowing albuM!
  • Avatar di Hateful_Metal
    German review of "Hunger For Life":
  • Avatar di amitoj84
    wow, Hunger For Life is actually quite good
  • Avatar di II666II
    "Hunger for Life" is one of the best black metal albums in 2012. Great to hear them again after 5 years since "Odium's Spring"
  • Avatar di Dmitry_Thrashed
    Даа, редкостное говно
  • Avatar di fluchderseele
    Good news from the DIES ATER Facebook side: "As many of you may know, after our split, we've decided to reunite in order to play a couple of shows together. However, writing new songs wasn't part of the deal, due to our lack of time mainly. But things have changed in the last months: Andy of Obscure Abhorrence has shown a strong interest in our band, so we've decided to write some songs again! However, we're right at the beginning and we can't give an information regarding a future release. Until then, we're still looking for some gigs!" (
  • Avatar di inrageandgrief
    Sage nie,was Du weisst....Aber immer was Du sagst...
  • Avatar di zth1988
    Außer dem Zusatz das es "vorerst" kein neues Material geben wird stimmts.

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