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  • Isobel ❤
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • For this queen you think you own wants to be a hunter again, wants to see the world alone again. ;)
  • I LOVE U <3
  • one of the greatest ever [6]
  • None of the new songs in the top ten! I'm disappointed in all of you!
  • need new songs ):
  • rainha!
  • 1000 scrobbles in my library
  • Here With Me ❤
  • one of the greatest ever [5]
  • I "❤" Dido!!! ~(σ◕‿◕)σ"""" " " " "♬♫・¨*•.¸¸"❤"¸
  • Dildo
  • please do not take another 5 years to give us a new album.
  • one of the greatest ever [4]
  • <3
  • one of the greatest ever [3]
  • one of the greatest ever [2]
  • one of the greatest ever
  • ~(σ◕‿◕)σ"""" " " " "♬♫・¨*•.¸¸"❤"¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪。*♬.:"(((o(✿^▽^✿)o)))".♬¸♪♫•"❥..¸"❤"¸.:*♬♪~ℒ
  • a love that couldn’t last
  • I miss her songwriting style, something like less aggressive and more sensitive version of Adele
  • UP UP UP UP Please
  • @n-y-r and she was for quite sometime.
  • She should have been one of the biggest stars of her generation...
  • 12 anos se passaram e eu não enjoei de "White Flag".
  • I relate so much to 'see you when you're 40' - I had a person just like the one she describes and that's exactly how I feel about him. Love this girl.
  • Just bought the deluxe version of 'Girl Who Got Away'- I am a huge fan and I know I a super late buying this album but honestly...I wasn't missing out on anything, really. I love "End of Night and "Let us Move On" and there are a lot of songs that are pretty good but I am not really pleased.
  • See you when.... / Hunter <3
  • I need a new album [2] LIKE NOW!
  • Vote these up :) [url=]Picture1[/url] & [url=]Picture2[/url]
  • Probably the only girl I can listen to.
  • I need a new album
  • maravilhosa, beija minha boca
  • music misses her
  • No Angel и Life for Rent - её лучшие работы. Последние два альбома вообще не нравятся.
  • "here with me" still is one of the most touching songs ever and her best, imo.
  • I'm in love with her song - Let's do the things we normally do - I listenned to this one billion time. The video music is not really good but I don't know why, the melody makes me infinitely sad.
  • If you add the letter L after the letter I, her name means DILDO, like a sextoy.
  • No Freedom ♥ [2]
  • I think this girl is underrated as hell
  • No Freedom ♥
  • Pra mim, "Grafton Street" é, de longe, a música mais linda dela.
  • Que rainha
  • Se ela é alternative o meu cu é indie então.
  • <3
  • My uncle dated her like 2 years before she became famous


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