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  • Avatar di jes2cool
    To paraphrase Jar Jar Binks (a prophet in my estimation); Diana she'sa makea da music wit da bigga boomahs. Ahh, Dianne's music and bigga boomahs, what's not to like? This is....GROOVY?!!! Proof positive aliens have visited this planet and abducted people for experiments. Either that or he IS an alien from 50 light years away attempting to be "one of us". Everyone, time to start wearing your tin foil hat. There may be an alien on the loose wanting to eat our brains! And NO, I don't own such a hat. Don't need one for obvious reasons... Kind'a like having a lock on your trash can, ya know?
  • Avatar di zarne
    schau in dein Herz - träume
  • Avatar di ZEFEFE
  • Avatar di IRSARGE
  • Avatar di ZEFEFE
  • Avatar di IRSARGE
    very lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg
  • Avatar di bossmark1
    This is Groovy
  • Avatar di HellsNewAge
    I miss the fact that her and David don't seem to make music together anymore...perhaps the divorce had something to do with that? :-x
  • Avatar di ladycaroledowns
    Me too :-)

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