• Tuesday Ten: Tracks of the month (February)

    Mar 2 2010, 12:17 di amodelofcontrol

    Not having picked up much new music in recent weeks, it has given me a chance at last to try and catch up a little with various promo items and things have that come my way, that I may have missed mentioning at the time or hadn't got 'round to listening to yet. Which is why some of this week's list may not be totally bang up to date, but it still includes some new stuff.

    Track of the month:
    Notes From A War
    Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer

    The first new material from Stromkern in bloody ages, and what a return. An elegant, piano-led track that has a calm, almost resigned air about it to begin with, and is perhaps a little less political on the surface than might be expected from this band. It could be about dealing with illness, it could be about dealing with troubles of the wider world, or it might be both. Either way, it's a staggering track that if it is a measure of the quality to expect if-and-when the new album comes, we're going to be blown away. …