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Destine is a rock band that formed in Tilburg, the Netherlands in 2006.

Originally from the Netherlands, Destine has a sound which is similar to bands like Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Simple Plan.

The five youngsters joined forces in 2006 and released the A Dozen Dreams EP. After that, a time of intensive touring followed: in the first year they played 70 shows in the Netherlands, England, Wales, Germany, France and Belgium. Destine also shared the stage with bands like New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy. The large number of shows resulted in a rapidly growing fan base and several songs getting airplay on national radio and TV. Their song "Last Scene of a Plane Crash" was featured as a leader tune on TV station Comedy Central.

In December 2008, Destine signed with record label Sony Music and traveled to Orlando, Florida to record with producer James Paul Wisner, who has worked with bands such as Paramore and New Found Glory. He was impressed by the songs and was convinced that the band has the potential of achieving international success.

The first result of the collaboration, single "In Your Arms", entered Holland's charts in the first week of release, and soon received frequent airplay on several national radio stations. The single has been supported by a highly rewarded video, shot near San Francisco by director Marco de la Torre. In its first weeks, the video hit several YouTube charts. The song was also used for a commercial on Holland's largest TV station. Destine was featured on the cover of Up Magazine. The song was also featured in the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

In summer 2009, Destine toured frequently in the Netherlands and abroad. One of the highlights was the Lowlands Festival, one of Holland's major outdoor festivals. In September 2009 Destine returned to the US to record their debut full length, again with Wisner. The album was released in early 2010 by Sony Music.

On 17 April, a new music video was released for Spiders.

On 23 April, Destine announced via their website that they were flying to Orlando, Florida to record a new single, again being produced by James Paul Wisner. Recording was between 27 April and 3 May, and the result was a cover of the song "Down" by Jay Sean and Lil Wayne.

They are currently in the studio recorded their second studio album. Its lead single "Stay" was released on June 19, 2011. On August 3, the band's debut album was released for the first time in Japan including three bonus tracks, the cover song "Down", the remixed and remastered "The Disappointment" (taken from their debut EP) and the Night Skies, the only song written during the Lightspeed recording session that didn't make it to the final cut of the album as the band didn't think it fit the rest of the album as a whole.

Destine performed in August on the Netherlands radio station FN "Wait Forever" for the first time, along with several cover songs, the japan bonus tracks for Lightspeed and "Stay". They also announced that the album will be released in mid-2012. On september 30th the band will release their next single "Thousand Miles" as well as the music video.

On October 18, 2011 the band announced that drummer Robin Faas quit. They also announced that Jordy Datema will take his place in the band. On October 20 Destine has played its last show with Robin Faas in Breda at the Breda zegt Ja festival.


Robin van Loenen - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Hubrecht Eversdijk - lead guitar, backing vocals
Laurens Troost - keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
Tom Vorstius Kruijff - bass guitar, backing vocals
Jordy Datema - drums

The Song "In Your Arms" is on the soundtrack of the football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

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