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Playing the Angel
Depeche Mode

Playing the Angel

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  • I have copy protected cd of this album, and even when I tried my hardest could not remove some artifacts and clicks when I ripped. I used many methods and I just could remove some of them using EAC. Does anyone know how to remove all of them?? When I want to listen to this I have to play it on my CD player and just two songs are included in "The best of" compilation. I really love this album and I hate I can't enjoy it properly in my computer and my cell phone.
  • Very beautiful, dark and melancholic. This is the darkest record they've made I think. <3
  • Dark and melancholically beautiful ❤
  • My favorite album of Depeche Mode
  • The vinyl brings out the emotion through the dynamics, so after hearing that, I can say this is easily among Depeche Mode's best work. So dark, haunting and has some of their heaviest moments. Simply gorgeous...
  • I just can't describe in words how much I love this album. I love it so much because of all it means to me; one of my fav albums forever. ❤❤❤
  • The best of their most recent albums. Mastered WAY TOO FUCKING LOUD, but that's the way they do things these days. I've been in love with Precious since this came out.
  • listen this album at night is the best thing in the world.
  • Their best and darkest album.
  • this album helped me to get through my first breakup. will remember it forever.

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