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  • Slumber of Sullen Eyes is a classic no doubt [2]
  • the vocabulary of this band is really small :D : dwell, fade, ominous, dismay, grip, dark, thy. in every song. lololol ?
  • Fun death metal band to listen to. I really dig their first album a lot. Their best album! :)
  • "defnoob living up to his name, as usual " [2]
  • And there is blasting in Incantation, lots of it. defnoob living up to his name, as usual
  • Fuck, I just can't get enough of Slumber of Sullen Eyes. One of the best DM albums ever.
  • I haven't decided whether I love or hate these guys. Moments like As I behold so I despise and Transmigration beyond eternities show the band are talented musicians, but like most Finndeath and Swedish death metal it all blands together in a tuneless monotone bland of blasts and inferior riffs. These guys are an exception to this at moments, but they just aren't as interesting as Incantation or any other USDM band for that matter.
  • Dark Tranquility/general melodeath fan calling Demigod overrated, that's quite a compliment.
  • Let Chaos Prevail have amazing and differents vocals
  • \\m// Slumber Of Sullen Eyes \\m//
  • yea its kinda overrated. way overhyped. still solid though. nothing to jizz in your pants over.
  • Lovely album
  • Slumber of Sullen Eyes is a classic no doubt.
  • Just got my hands on the original pressing of Slumber... Sounds awesome!
  • gets better with each listen
  • Anyone here have the '99 demo? Last thing they recorded with Esa Linden.
  • Looking forward to seeing them live tomorrow.
  • I regret not giving "Slumber..." a listen until now, great album!
  • Slumber of Sullen Eyes is a perfect album. It also has a perfect cover. [2]
  • Very hooky old school, I'd say. Great.
  • Slumber is becoming one of my all time favourites.
  • ExMF chain continues.... um, yeah, what the fuck...!?... :|
  • To add variation: I wonder what is wrong with these charts, here, they are acting awfully strange today.
  • What is with the charts!?
  • These guys fucking nailed it in Rites, they added a extra bit on The Forlorn, and goddamn it was awesome. It was like they were doing a studio recording, but it was live.
  • (9.249 oyentes) too mainstream
  • selling two RITES OF DARKNESS tickets for $85 each, email if interested
  • Slumber of Sullen Eyes is an awesome one of my favorite death metal albums.
  • covenant totally doesnt...erosion of sanity doesnt either....nor does screams of anguish...(not to forget that all these are really different styles and spirits of death metal so such a comparison of who comes how close to whom is quite meaningless)
  • I have the Unholy Domain demo. :D
  • These dudes made both the best dm album and the best demo ever, so they can scratch the 'Demi-' part.
  • UpTheIrons06 = on crack
  • tabbed out Through the Shrouded Infinity only truly questionable riff is Riff 2 on the right channel I guess, the rest is pretty accurate, it's up on UG and ROG so check it out, if you got any corrections tell me
  • Let chaos prevail > Slumber of sullen eyes
  • demigod are confirmed for MDF 2012! fuck yessss!
  • Their Unholy Domain Demo is one of the best demos that I have ever heard!
  • it's impossible to get bored of slumber.
  • Finnish OSDM rules!
  • Let Chaos Prevail was a bummer for me
  • slumber is the best death metal album ever
  • Announced to play this years Rites of Darkness 3 in San Antonio, Texas, playing Slumber of the Sullen Eyes in its entirety.!/pages/Rites-of-Darkness/137557889626842?sk=wall&filter=1
  • I wish they'd reissue Slumber of Sullen Eyes ... I need to get my hands on it without paying $100 on ebay...
  • It took getting to the top of my recs list and being added to RoD III for me to finally listen to these guys... I've been missing out! :o
  • The only death metal I can tolerate is that from the early Finnish scene. Belial, Abhorrence, Demilich Demigod, Amorphis etc etc.
  • lol @ Claws > Demigod
  • No life behind the music? You must be deaf. There's enough life in it to evoke the most horrific moments before death. The only other albums worth mentioning in the same ranks are Nespithe and North From Here, the former which surpasses the other two for good reason. @KoolAID: Adramelech is solid and those other bands have their moments (except for Purtenance, which just bore me), but Demigod create an atmosphere unlike anyone else. Simple and dark, utilizing much of the same elements that made Karelian Isthmus a worthy album, but without the folk and more of the chromaticism that makes death metal so adventurous.
  • NegruVoda: Finnish dm that's better than Demigod: Adramelech, Abhorrence, Convulse, Mythos, Xysma, Claws, Disgrace, Purtenance (arguable), and of course Demilich like you said. This is just off the top of my head. Demigod is good stuff but overrated imo.


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