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I Delain sono un gruppo musicale symphonic metal formato nei Paesi Bassi, fondata dall'ex tastierista dei Within Temptation, Martijn Westerholt. Il nome viene da The Kingdom of Delain, dal libro The Eyes of the Dragon di Stephen King.

I Delain sono fondati da Martijn Westerholt, ex tastierista e fratello di Robert Westerholt uno dei fondatori dei Within Temptation. Martijn Westerholt lascia i Within Temptation nel 2001 e l'anno…

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  • Charlotte still pretty, people talking about her piercing or her hair are so zZzzzZzzzZZzZz
  • They have never been better than now, and Charlotte has never looked so gorgeous. Saw them live in Colombia a couple of weeks ago and completely destroyed any doubts I had about them. Super energetic show, the sound was even better than Nightwish' (Nightwish seriously needs to fire their sound engineer), and even got to interview them. The love and passion they put on everything they do is inspiring and I hear their music with a complete new set of ears. They fucking rock.
  • и чё только из библиотеки снесла 4к прослушиваний в своё время
  • April Rain (2014)
  • Charlotte is greatest bae to ever bae. Also April Rain is a happenin' tune.
  • Charlotte <3
  • "Charlotte: a dessert made of stewed fruit or mousse with a casing or covering of bread, sponge cake, ladyfingers, or breadcrumbs"
  • redhead Charlotte is the only acceptable Charlotte
  • shes been doing the red hair thing for a while, and im pretty okay with it, but the septum piercing is quite eww. the old nose piercing was better, but still bleh.

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