• My 2012

    Gen 1 2013, 11:07 di Hollow0ne

    Goodbye to 2012, welcome 2013! World didn't end, so let's once again take a look in the past. Here's some statistics of what I've been listening during last year.

    Before diving into my top lists, I'll take a guess that Mokoma and Rush will be on very high positions on these lists, as they both released new albums. But enough guessing, let's begin, shall we?

    My top 10 bands/artists of the past 12 months according to Last.fm:
    1. Mastodon (915 tracks played)
    2. Mokoma (894 plays)
    3. Rush (734)
    4. Metallica (605)
    5. Iron Maiden (544)
    6. CMX (542)
    7. Bruce Dickinson (391)
    8. Kylesa (352)
    9. Guns N' Roses (312)
    10. Korn (311)

    Well, Mastodon tops both Mokoma and Rush. Which I think is because they were on tour and had a couple of gigs in Finland. I saw them all, of course.

    Basicly this top list looks about the same as my top 10 of all time. With the exception of Kylesa, who also came to Finland.

    Then my top 10 artists according to normalisr (which counts the minutes spent listening to each artirts…
  • 300 Favourite Female Singers

    Set 1 2012, 11:49 di emcxmc

    My favourite female singers with age and birthday (listed chronologic), place of birth (if known), short description (from Wikipedia) and picture (only included for the deceased ones).

    (born before 1940)

    Bessie Smith (born April 15, 1894, Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S., died September 26, 1937), sometimes referred to as "The Empress of the Blues," was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s. She is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era and, along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on subsequent jazz vocalists.

    Marlene Dietrich (27 December 1901 – 6 May 1992, Berlin, Germany) was a German-born American actress and singer.Although she still made occasional films in the post-war years, Dietrich spent most of the 1950s to the 1970s touring the world as a successful show performer. In 1999 the American Film Institute named Dietrich the ninth greatest female star of all time.
  • Onlygleb's Retro Top 2011 (full)

    Dic 14 2011, 15:40 di Onlygleb

    Дорогие друзья и все, кто читают эту заметку! Вот и стучится в двери предновогодняя суета, предстоят ещё сложнейшие 2 последние недели года. Чуть ранее я уже начал подводить итоги года. Скоро вы сможете лицезреть мой главный чарт уходящего года - итоговый топ-100 песен. А пока его участники делают свои последние рывки и падения предлагаю ознакомиться с ретро-топом этого года. Здесь и песни, открытые мной в этом году и подзабытые песни, которыми я заслушивался предыдущие годы, и те песни, что я открыл в прошлом году и по инерции слушал в этом. Ну и как говорит какой-нибудь мажор блондинке на заднем сидении машины: "Довольно болтовни, займёмся делом"

    220. Yazz and Plastic Population - The Only Way Is Up (1988)
    219. Iron Maiden - The flash of the blade (1985)
  • 29.09.2011 - Tracks @ arte

    Set 27 2011, 10:04 di dark_path

    Do, 29.09.2011 | 22:45 - 23:40 Uhr

    * Der Sound des Nordatlantiks - Musik von den Färöern
    Die Färöer-Inseln gehören offiziell zu Dänemark, betrachten sich jedoch als autonom. Kein Wunder: Schliesslich liegen ihre 779 Inseln etwa 330 Kilometer vom nächsten Festland entfernt. Und ihre Eigenständigkeit zeigen die Färinger am liebsten auf kulturellem Weg.
    Dabei wird ebenso auf alte Traditionen zurückgegriffen wie auf internationale Einflüsse. Ob Metal, Hip-Hop oder Punk, die Menschen hier sind auch in musikalischer Hinsicht begeisterungsfähig, wissbegierig und gastfreundlich. Bestes Beispiel: Das "G! Festival", das international immer grössere Beachtung erfährt.
    Einen Steinwurf vom tosenden Nordatlantik entfernt, spielen dort in diesem Jahr unter anderem die dänische Popqueen Fallulah, die jazzigen Trash-Metalheads Meshuggah aus Schweden und die lebenden Legenden des Gospels, The Blind Boys Of Alabama. Wind und Wetter sind inklusive, wie immer auf den Färöern.

  • Oooh, what a lovely mediocre review about my beloved band's first EP...

    Apr 3 2011, 12:09 di Chicken_Boosh

    Hiii everyone.
    I am writing this on Mother's Day while my mother is upstairs doing DIY. I don't think she understands the concept of relaxation, although she did very much like her present.

    Right, my band Mitford Rebel have had their first review for Mitford Rebel EP, even though it came out like eight months ago or something and we're now working on our first album.

    You can read it HERE.
    There's a link to download the EP for free on the review itself (although that link will just take you back to our last.fm page so I guess there's no point using it while on here!).
    I would absolutely love it if you could have a read of the review whilst listening to the EP in question and let me know your thoughts. Think of it as a kind of review of the review.

    Red Rose Music Lancs who are responsible for said review are a kind of online Lancashire music blog set up by some UCLAN students.
    We're doing an interview with them next week which I personally am now very much looking forward to.
  • Dibder's 2010: Spring/Summer

    Giu 1 2010, 17:45 di CvaldaVessalis

    Hello anyone and everyone!! Well, I have had a more than crazy few months since I last blogged about my favorites of 2010 thus far... Music wise, it's been more than eventful, with plenty more amazing releases to listen to (but obviously I'll be getting on to that a little later!) and, most excitingly, the seeming return of the music video as a trendy art-form. True, some bands do take it upon themselves to unleash at least one amazing video for each of their albums these days, but we've already been spoiled-more-than-silly with audio-visual accompaniments to some rather brilliant (or not really) singles this year. Contenders for the year-end blogs include Vampire Weekend's celeb-heavy tennis match for Giving Up The Gun; Hot Chip and director Pete Serafinowicz's boyband execution parody for I Feel Better; and, last but by certainly-no-means-least, Romain Gavras and M.I.A.'s blisteringly brilliant clip for Born Free that really has to be seen to be believed... …
  • List your top 10 last.fm artists, then list your five favorite songs by each

    Mag 15 2010, 15:40 di DarkGerudo

  • 1300 artists in my library

    Apr 13 2010, 2:21 di earthcrossing

    Recently I hit '1300' artists in my library, so I thought I'd make a list of them all for posterity! Of course, I already removed one of those artists frmo my library during this process (it was my music, but under the wrong name...) and there are others I can probably get rid of immediately. But I want to take care in doing so.

    Anyway, without further ado...this is the result of coming on up 5 years of scrobbling here at Last.fm, and away from it (on iPod). There have been times when I wasn't able to scrobble, so a lot of data wasn't recorded then. But other than those times, this is what we have...

    * A Camp (7s)
    * A Perfect Circle (210s)
    * A Streetlight Song (1)
    * Abbe May (88s)
    * Abbe May and the Rockin' Pneumonia (5s)
    * Abra Moore (7s)
    * Ace of Base (2s)
    * AC/DC (64s)
    * Adam Cohen (2s)
    * Adele (2s)
    * Aerosmith (8s)
    * Afghan Whigs (1)
    * AFI (29s)
    * Aimee Allen (22s)
  • 80 by 80

    Dic 28 2009, 20:43 di Chug-A-Lug

  • Cropping Artist Images for the Library

    Ago 24 2009, 12:24 di fmera

    Following up on the earlier journal, Getting Artist Images to Look Their Best, here is a short guide to explain how images (be they square, tall, or wide) that you upload to artist galleries are cropped for eventual use in the library.

    I'll use these images (taken from Simone Kopmajer's gallery) as a visual guide to show how your original artist pics will end up looking as library images. It works on the idea that cropping images square or tall - if your original shots allow this - really is the safer option, as they minimize further cropping when your images are processed. Shown below are three sample images, in square, tall, and wide formats, and beside them the actual 126s images used for the library. The translucent red masking shows where image content will be lost (or hidden from view, rather), and the window is what you'll end up with in the library:

    http://i331.photobucket.com/albums/l450/fmera_photos/Picture1-9.png http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/126s/34206107.png