• Playing with Top 50 artists xD

    Set 6 2009, 10:14 di GraceTemptation

    On the first place, I thank Synthetic_Engel for giving this idea to oxidising_angel who gave the idea to me through a journal connected to a group which name I don't remember. By the way, this is an exemple of how your journals can be read by VARIOUS people xD.

    1. What's your favorite song by 14?
    I actually have 2 artists on 14th position.
    by Sugababes I like Side Chick
    by Within Temptation ... well, I loved WT so much that I had a BUNCH of favourite songs. As I see it now, I don't love them that much anymore. But still I can name one and that is Jillian

    2. How did you get into 20?
    Atargatis on the 20th position... Well, I must admit, QUITE HARD! I'd had really strange feeling about the music, especially about the vocals that I like now. I think I was trying for about three times. The third time was when I was travelling listening to Nova and I realized this might be quite a good band!

    3. Who is your favorite member in 8?
    Hehe, I don't have 8! xD

    4. What's your favorite lyric by 29?