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Death Grips

5D (0:43)

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  • West. End. Girls.
  • This is so good, I wish it was developed into something longer.
  • Sounds like the soundtrack for a future Top Shop ad about 5D televisions.
  • Needs to be fucking longer.
  • Awesome.
  • West End Girls <3
  • I need to hear somebody spit to this [2]
  • This reminds me of portal games for some reason [2]
  • by far their best :P
  • This remainds me of portal games for some reason
  • future's here
  • I need to hear somebody spit to this
  • 为什么是国外的。。。
  • If I had my own TV show, I would make this my theme song.
  • west end girls
  • West End Basterdz!
  • this must be what life is like in the 5th dimension
  • cool
  • space hop
  • WEGs PSBs indeed
  • Fucking swords
  • Flight Of The Conchords - Inncercity Pressure :P
  • addictive
  • this beat is sick
  • skinny kimbo slice
  • the best the PSBoys have sounded for ages.
  • 74 plays. <3
  • is that kimbo?
  • why do I know what West End Girls sounds like in the first few bars even if distorted? WHOOPS
  • Before I Die Im Gonna Fuck A Girl In A CowBoy Hat>
  • Pet Shop Boys!
  • this song is definitely a winner.
  • Dope
  • the electronic shit they do is fucking radical sobatical
  • shit's dope, yo
  • way too short

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