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  • Where do people get that 'Fading Vision' track title? I'm looking at the back cover and the booklet here, but I can't find any mention of it. Thought it was simply 'Their Steps Become Unbearable'.
  • Amazing.
  • DaD > Weakling
  • There are tons of Bnads named after Albums, Songs, etc. of other bands. So, they named themselves after the Album, probably in tribute to the band that inspired them the most. Does not mean they are a bad band. If anything, eveyone who plays Black metal is a poseur because they are ripping off Mayhem. Actually, all musicians are poseurs because they are ripping off the neanderthals that figured out how to create pleasing sounds. Be true and only listen to stones clacking together. If you listen to music you are a "Hipster Faggot" (sarcasm)
  • I don't care that they were a Weakling worship band - there are certainly lesser bands to worship. The point here is that the music is outstanding. It's too bad the band didn't last.
  • despite the occasional lifted rift, I enjoyed their last EP, hopefully they choose a name less obvious to what they are doing. Maybe "Cut out their Brains and Place Fire Therein"?
  • Pathetic. The only thing worse would be a Darkclone band calling themselves "Transilvanian Hunger".
  • "It's true that Weakling are a huge inspiration to Dead As Dreams and while there are similarities, they're not a blatant rip-off."
  • They've just released their first EP on Goatowarex, called 'Their Steps Become Unbearable'. Really good, I can only recommend this.

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