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  • Lindooo
  • Bruce Dickinson has cancer
  • The Jeff Young of Van Halen
  • already 60 today...
  • Yankee Rose is such a good song
  • I DO COCAINE!!!!!!
  • Happy Birthaday, David Lee Roth! [3]
  • classic
  • Happy Birthaday, David Lee Roth! [2]
  • Happy Birthaday, David Lee Roth!
  • David's not heard enough ,will have to search him out. Still brilliant.
  • \/What hair bands?
  • @ Runoflife....You have hair metal in your library...So what does that make you then??
  • naturefirst , no gays at all. Homo people listen to Poison and Warrant.
  • Maxim , how many gays listen Slayer ?
  • \/ says hair metal fan.
  • V Dude you don't have to tell everyone your sexual preference..Besides we can tell already just by your avatar..
  • Maybe he's Different in appearance, but his 'sunny california' spirit remains intact =)
  • I saw David Lee Roth in a small club in '99 and he looked exactly the same as he was when he was with Van Halen in the early days..Now of course he looks different..
  • Skyscraper is one of the best albums of all time. Dave of course is the best Frontman EVER. No one in this Earth can be like him. <3
  • [THATS LIFE] awesome d(*`・(エ)・´*)b
  • SONRISA SALVAJE " Eat `em and Smile" my vinyl from David Lee Roth in spain lyrics - muy bien- so fantastic
  • "Skyscraper" is still extremely underrated
  • Eat 'em and Smile is a better than anything Van Hagar came up with. [2] Add Skyscraper and A Little Ain't Enough and that will be enough to say - Van who? ;)
  • Wish i could of seen them back in the day [2]
  • diamant dave great voice
  • wish i could of seen them back in the day i love Davids energy and flamboyant style his albums always put me in a good mood
  • @rotting_schntzl you're a shittier music critic wanna bee or some shit like that :P
  • Black Sand <3
  • Vote this one up :)
  • Bump and Grind! ;)
  • a shittier Ozzy.
  • Dave's solo is much better than Van Hagar
  • The greatest frontman EVER!!! [2]
  • Just like Paradise!
  • Sensible Shoes should be higher on the charts. It's awesome.
  • Shyboy Shyboy Shyboy Shyboy!
  • Just Like Paradise[4]
  • Just Like Paradise [3] - The way Dave's music makes you feel
  • Lee Roth ♥ [2]
  • Lee Roth ♥
  • Just Like Paradise [2]
  • Happy B Day! Your birthday and the mine are in the same day!


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