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Dave Matthews Band

Crush (11:20)

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  • 16 minute version of this song played at their show in Chicago saturday night!
  • I am so glad they played this at the Gorge night 3 this year (9.1). One of my favs, and the jam at the end is beautiful. Its the version I a m listening to right now, actually.. I should tag my songs better with the dates of the shows come to think of it...
  • One of the best from DMB, perfection.
  • beautiful!
  • All I can say is WOW!
  • Classic
  • Beautiful and romantic song. Very dense musically.
  • This song has so many colours. I LOVE the chord changes. I just want to dance n cry to it!
  • lol @ GreenEyes :) Dave def melts my panties!
  • great!!!!
  • awesome bass line [2] i came here to post those exact words
  • awesome bass line
  • Rio de Janeiro, 10/08/2010 (L): I was there.
  • central park in 03
  • What version is this?
  • Love this song!
  • fav song
  • Ha, ha,...panty melter....I guess it is! :-)
  • panty melter indeed!!!
  • Yes...this will always be a favorite for me too <3
  • This will always be my favorite song.. no way it could be done any better, it's just perfection.
  • so atmoshperic
  • One of DMB's best jams....deep lyrics with a great base line. Leroi is great on the sax and Carter is always awesome!
  • Dave, oh dave. You are something else.
  • good!
  • This song gives me such an odd feeling; Almost like deja vu. No idea why it does, but I love it so damn much.
  • Just let me always. <3
  • Been in love with this song since I was a kid.
  • I adore it, I mean, it crushes me :)
  • Have loved DMB since the first time I ever heard 'em, have thought everything they've done has always been quite good. However, this particular song has to be, by and far, my favorite of any of their songs. For me, it is absolute perfection.
  • pretty super sexy
  • Fantastic.
  • I never feel worthy enough to listen to his voice. So awesome.
  • I especially love the acoustic version with Tim. Great song <3
  • my fav song from dmb. perfect.
  • love his music and his voice !!
  • Sexy and fabulous.
  • this is one of my favorites by dmb. love them!
  • sold out track that is now underrated
  • Great track....<3
  • loved this since I was 7.
  • awsome :]
  • will never tire of this :)
  • Wow!!! Love everything about it!!!!
  • :)
  • Talking about kick ass, huh
  • 3:45 to 4:31 = LOVE <3
  • Love this song! Love this band!


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