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  • Insatiable <3
  • Pop!ular <3
  • He kool I love the songs
  • He's a legend [4]
  • SO BEAUTIFUL, yes ♥
  • He's a legend [3]
  • what a guy ,such a voice
  • I want to black out the sun
  • He's a legend [2]
  • he's a legend
  • So...fuckin'...underrated! He deserves more recognition and popularity!
  • Darren loves Madonna, so we love Darren!
  • Taken By The Sea <3
  • Shame...a cover of the Miley song probably would have sounded awesome from him.
  • Playing all his discography plus random live songs and b-sides.
  • Darren is the best :)
  • Wrecking Ball isn't really new though. It was on the fan special edition of his last album 3 years ago. I wonder how many people think it will be a Miley Cirus cover before they play it.
  • Wrecking Ball needs to be heard by more people :(
  • i love the new single
  • Wrecking Ball should have a music video!!! go on Darren :)
  • Insatiable ♥
  • I just love him :)) [2] I miss you, Darren <3 [2]
  • LOVE "God Walking Into the Room", reminds me of my fiance.
  • God Walking Into The Room is such a beautiful song. <3
  • Happy Birthday Darren!
  • VOTE!
  • I'm tired of his main pictures, why the official staff don't change? (3)
  • Just ripping On The Verge Of cd-maxi to my digital music collection. The remixes on that cd of Step Into The Light are just amazing! Will listen to that songs in my car the coming days! :-P
  • I'm tired of his main pictures, why the official staff don't change? (2)
  • He be cute :3
  • I'm tired of his main pictures, why the official staff don't change?
  • Why I adore you this much ha? U're my Beloved ♥
  • This Delicate Thing We've Made > The Tension And The Spark > Secret Codes And Battleships > Spin
  • :)
  • ♥ :3
  • Bloodstained heart <3
  • Yes, I miss you.....
  • Love this guy. Love his lyrics. Love his voice. Everything. Him and Savage Garden <3
  • This Delicate Thing We've Made > Secret Codes And Battleships > The Tension And The Spark > Spin
  • I just love him :))
  • Don't understand how "Insatiable" is #1 when he has far better songs.
  • Hi everybody!! this is my new single "Everything I Could Never Tell" I hope you like it, it's free download :)
  • v You can find the setlists here:
  • Why are there no posts anywhere on the internet for the setlist of the new tour!?!?! Driving me mad!
  • Genius
  • OMG! A New Lastfm & A new View! ♥
  • Em.. Just fine haha~


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