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La band nasce dalle ceneri della death metal band Agretator, grazie al chitarrista Christofer Malmstrom e al batterista Peter Wildoer (che aveva militato anche negli Arch Enemy).

Il primo disco pubblicato, Rusted Angel, vede alla voce Lawrence Macrory. Album questo,considerato l'apice della discografia del gruppo,grazie soprattutto alla prova di Macrorye alle sonorità molto più vicine al Melodic Death.

Nel 2000 la band pubblica Insanity, disco più grezzo e meno tecnico del precedente, che vede in formazione il nuovo… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Indeed. Sydow was so fucking energetic. Also none of the music after he left really impressed me as much as Layers of Lies, especially Secondary Effects which is a pure and soaring anthem. One of the catchiest songs and choruses ever.
  • mackrory is good but sydow was nuts. i miss him.
  • The Sinister Supremacy is great :D
  • New album is amazing! Growl and harsh and clean vocals are great, drums and guitars are also as always epic! \\m/ DARKANE NEVER DISAPPOINTS ME!!!
  • you remember what happened when Hetfield thought he could sing....end of good Metallica. Clean vocals on this are too much in that vein. I agree with other posts, this is weakened by the clean vocals, makes it seem too commercial or too mehcore. Shame, I like the riffage and progressions.
  • I awarded 'The Sinister Supremacy' a spot in my Top 20 for 2013. Here's why I love it:
  • Soooooooo fuckin' awesome!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!
  • What the fuck is with the complaints about vocals? This album fuckinc rules. So much awesome riffing. I love the vocals as well. Above all the awesome guitar and drum work there are even catchy choruses.
  • The Hetfield similarities are there but they are few and far between. I'm hearing much more of a Jon Howard / Chester Bennington thing going on I'm afraid. The harsh vocals are great though, no complaints there. And musically it's just pure awesomeness.
  • The Hetfield thing was my first wince, but I can forgive Darkane, and will try again.

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