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I Danzig sono un gruppo heavy metal nato negli USA nel 1987 e fondati da Glenn Danzig, ex membro dei Misfits.

Il cantante, Glenn Danzig, famosissimo ex-cantante dei Misfits, per la sua meravigliosa voce è conosciuto come il Jim Morrison oscuro. Nonostante i Misfits mentre faceva parte della band si dedicassero al genere Punk , con il suo lavoro solista, si concentra più sul metal o l'hard rock, pur mantenendo influenze Punk.

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  • Avatar di Chrilu
    I guess you've never listened to "Walk among Us". Even in 1983 the production sounded better than "Skeletons". The sound is not "punk influenced", it's total amateurishness... The version of "Devils Angels" on the Single sounds way better than the one on the album.
  • Avatar di BrandonSideleau
    Skeletons definitely has some great moments...and the dirty production fits the more "punk" influenced songs...'Devils Angels' and 'Girl Like You' sound like they could have been pulled straight from Walk Among Us. 'Let Yourself Go' sounds great as well.
  • Avatar di Chrilu
    I hope the new album this year will sound 20 times better than his "Skeletons" pile of shit...
  • Avatar di tnthuman
  • Avatar di Chrilu
    Where's the page for the new cover album ???
  • Avatar di cisnenegro
    Have Homer Simpson just released a karaoke covers album?
  • Avatar di Chrilu
    @ Idiots rule: you can't be more right !!
  • Avatar di deviancy69
    Music is a form of art and a true artist creates art that comes from the heart and soul like Robert Smith from the Cure, and Glenn Danzig. The minute a musician just creates music strictly to please the fans and turn a profit, its no longer art, its a superficial product. Just my opinion..
  • Avatar di Idiots-Rule
    The new covers album has been at least three years in the making? Man, Danzig really needs to get rid of Tommy Victor and get someone bluesy again. The guitar tone for the, like, last 3-4 albums (with Tommy Victor that is) has been utter crap, and the pinch harmonics are the most annoying I've ever heard tone-wise. Skeletons has its moments, sure, but the production really drags it down.
  • Avatar di Chuzhbogh
    The drum sound on "How the Gods kill" is just plain awesome.

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