• My concert experiences, or, Why I never have any money.

    Mar 19 2008, 13:37 di karmapoliice

    It has occured to me that I should write a journal about the concerts I have been to, mainly because last.fm doesn't display past concerts on user's profiles. So, I thought I might list them here. I think I've been pretty fortunate in the fact that every concert I've gone to has been wonderful, each for different reasons: singing, performing, atmosphere, interaction with the crowd, effects, etc. So, in no particular order, here they are:

    Who: Muse.
    When: 15th November, 2007.
    Where: Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.
    Why: Ok, so they're my favourite band, but saying that this is the best concert I have ever been too is said completely without bias. Ok, well there may be a little bias there. But, for me at least, this show really was an incredible experience. I waited in line all day so I could get up the front, and sure enough I end up at the front against the barrier on the left side, absolutely squashed and barely able to breath, but I'm there. Less than 2 meters from Matt Bellamy. And his sparkly red guitar. AWESOME.