• Worst of the Best

    Set 26 2011, 19:42 di Madrangue

    The meme is simple - list your top 10 artists and write your least favorite song for that artist. Explain why.
    Try to avoid picking pointless/banal/uninteresting songs. Go for the utter rock bottom.

    1. 志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata)

    One of the scarce Akiko songs I almost never listen to. The reason is simple: it's bland, uninspired, and boring. And it reminds me of Nightwish's Amaranth.

    2. Marissa Nadler
    Song: Alabaster Queen

    Least favorite song from the new album. It's not that bad, but a bit monotonous compared to the other tracks.

    3. 三村京子 (Kyoko Mimura)
    Song: 女子高生ブルース (Joshikousei Blues)

    I only have one album of her and there's no track I really dislike. Maybe this song is the weakest, not as original/psychedelic/crazy as the rest...

    4. Daija
    Song: aphrodisiac (P.K.G. PHAT JAM MIX)

    This remix is the only original track in the Aphrodisiac single, and it doesn't make it worth purchasing for the non-fans. Also it sounds very 90s, in both good and bad ways.