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Dahlia's Tear è un solo-project di Anile.D. nato nel 2005 a Stockholm, in Svezia. Il primo album “Harmonious Euphonies Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising Our Existences In Radient Corpuscle Galaxies” esce nel 2005, seguito da “My Rotten Spirit Of Black” nel 2007, “Under Seven Skies” nel 2007, e “Dreamsphere” nel 2011 da Cold Meat Industry.
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Dahlia's Tear is a dark ambient, industrial act of AnilE.D. creating myriad soundworlds, often introspective an epitome of contemplative music.

The sound of Dahlia’s Tear can be described
as dark ambient that connects with drone raw soundscapes, spatial surreal moods and experimental fields. The music produced by Dahlia's Tear bears individual sound elements and sheltering various sub-genres, different touches such as experimental music, ambient music, tribal and ritual elements, avant-garde, noise, minimal music and occasionally industrial music.

Dahlia's Tear music often shape-shifts into many forms, from characteristic dreamy-dark cold atmosphere to serene sound meditations, blending the harsh sound with lush synthesizers and samplers, sometimes also with the rhythms of percussion and other instruments. Conceptualization are often associated with nature as well as the music artwork. The sound is chiefly dreamlike dark ambient sound scapes and supplying mystical experience for the listener. Dahlia's Tear has extracted field recordings made in special areas, industrial landscapes; that enables the sound to be more haunting and deep. AnilE.D. utilizes a mixture of lush synths, buzzing, almost shoegazer sounding guitars, manipulated field recordings and rarely droning vocals.

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