• T4L presents Biogenesis released on In Trance We Trust

    Dic 13 2010, 6:22 di trancesound

    T4L presents Biogenesis released on In Trance We Trust

    T4L, aka the Italian producers Alessandro Carusi and Manuel Toso, have been active in the industry for nearly six years. Passion for electronic music and their friendship created T4L as a project in November 2004. Their first ever release was “Moonwalk/Perfect Blend” on the famous In Trance We Trust label. Many singles followed and after Tiësto secured the T4L remix of “Nyana” for his “Just Be Remixed” album, they quickly rose to fame and now the boys finally present their debut artist album, entitled “Biogenesis”. Those who followed the career of T4L will still remember another early single, entitled “Overland”, which they released on Dedicated Records and of course the remixes they made, for instance, for DJ Jurgen’s “Wicked Waves”, Team SR’s “Leaving London” and Daniel Wanrooy’s “Ocean Terrace”. Over the past year, the Italian producers delivered many more singles like “Biogenesis”…

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    To me, if there’s one thing that highlights how difficult it is to imagine being someone else its music. As much as it is possible to find those that have very similar tastes in a very general sense, taste in music is such an individually unique thing. Although, it is just universally accepted that one man’s meat is another’s poison, when it comes to music I’d just love to know why that actually is. Is it just what you grow up with? Is it because of biology or chemical brain composition? Or are we just a bunch of incessant bandwagon jumpers who just always stick to their guns, buying into an image that a certain type of music is meant to create? Nature, nurture or society? I think most would concede it’s probably a mixture of all three. It just baffles me how one person can get so excited over something that someone else finds genuinely annoying, to the point where it gives them a headache. In a similar sort of way, what I write here…