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  • Avatar di HayleighRayment
    Count down down to do it to the beach with your kindle why did you have a bruise on the kindle was in the summer clothes are
  • Avatar di Seelentau
    I really, really, really like this song.
  • Avatar di ruki11
  • Avatar di Seelentau
    My fav too :3
  • Avatar di Karaouq16
    wow a new fav by them
  • Avatar di MsDiplodocusss
    no i am not that person (batsu..?). But i actually came here to ANNOUNCE MY NEW FOUND APPRECIATION FOR THE SONG. specifically the new version, despite those HIGH CHEESE LEVEL solos, as pretsy explains
  • Avatar di AnAgeAmongThem
    Remake is awesome and so is the whole EP.
  • Avatar di Pretsy
    v I hope she's not that one. I myself like this song a lot - even the remake (despite the high cheese level of solos). This song returned my liking for DEG too during its release (I personally found it much better than most of Vulgar songs tbqh)
  • Avatar di M_D_V
    Are you that person who's been whining about The Final since the Batsu days? Something about you seems familiar.
  • Avatar di MsDiplodocusss
    fuck this song

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