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  • Great band. New Religion is killer!
  • Great Band, Hope they come to Europe soon!!!
  • AW soon
  • New album is so inconsistent.
  • Want show in Poland! [14]
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Crazy Lixx
  • New Religion - masterpiece!
  • come to finland!!
  • Want show in Poland! [13]
  • Want show in Poland! [12]
  • Preview on this years' edition of SKOGSRÖJET:
  • Good band, they have potential like Airbourne! [3]
  • Want show in Poland! [11]
  • Poland Poland Poland or at least somewhere in that area !
  • kocham WAS chłopcy! <3
  • Welcome to my group! join and become part of the W.A.S.P. Army!!!
  • Good band, they have potential like Airbourne! [2] I'd love Crazy Lixx to make it big, they've got something special to 'em!
  • So good band, they have potential like Airbourne!
  • love music like this!
  • thx for coming to brazil *-------*
  • wanna see you ALIVE!!!!! \\mm//
  • Riot Avenue!! Excellent!
  • The new album didn't catch me at first, but now I started to LOVE "Young Blood". I think Riot Avenue is a great album that will grow on me! :) Rock on Crazy Lixx!
  • All the hair metals in the 80s came from here in the U.S. with the exception of Whitesnake and Def Leppard which of course came from England but now it seems todays hair metal bands are all coming out of Sweden.. :-)
  • Riot Avenue is not that bad...
  • I was disappointed as well, New Religion is still the best record so far.
  • I'm a bit disappointed by the new album, the songs are not that memorable as they were in New Religion...
  • Riot Avenue kicks ass. That's what I call rock'n'roll.
  • brand new hard rock/sleaze band
  • Come in Belarus !!!
  • Want show in Poland! [10]
  • Pre-order now!
  • Rock N Roll 4ever!!!
  • Want show in Poland! [9]
  • Can't wait for the new "Riot Avenue" album, it feels like it's gonna rock the roof off!
  • Want show in Poland! [8]
  • Want show in Poland! [7]
  • Make Ends Meet and Blame iIt On Love <3
  • vote for swedish sleaze band picture!
  • Want them all *__*Critical concentration of cute boys!
  • Want it! Want show in Poland! [5]
  • Want it! Want show in Poland! [4]
  • <----- Go n listen :D
  • Pamplona's show was maravillous, but I had wanted listen PURE DESIRE! :( Edd Myers, the new guitarrist, so handsome and simpatic! <3
  • I Welcome Enter New Group!.Become Participant W.A.S.P. Army!!
  • Added new photo:
  • A really cool band.


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