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  • big up
  • Huge inspiration for everybody.
  • Congratulations for the Oscar! Well deserved. [3]
  • Congratulations for the Oscar! Well deserved. [2] Genius.
  • Congratulations for the Oscar! Well deserved
  • Que sucesso hein meu pirraia
  • Can't believe I haven't scrobbled any Common yet....
  • got to him via Hell on Wheels!
  • Help me get, get the keys to the kingdom!
  • dat kingdom remix with jay elect >
  • Really diggin' the new album.
  • Sorry to hear about his father...
  • No Fear <3
  • corner классная вещь
  • new album is his best since be
  • He had his best run of albums with Like Water For Chocolate, Electric Circus, Be, Finding Forever, and Universal Mind Control. I haven't been all that in to his newer stuff.
  • "Kingdom" is a great song.
  • Yep, Sean is a big failure, awful voice with akward flow. Kind of James Franco for hip-hop.
  • Big Sean is a Garbage literally, he just fucks as featured artist. You can see... Pusha T, Drake and now Common's album.
  • After I listened to "Nobody's smiling" I smiled. Album is nice and the production has a great leitmotif.
  • Seeing Big Sean as one of the features kinda made me hesitate but if you guys say it's good then I'll check it out.
  • n ew albm s dope ss hel
  • Nobody's Smiling is awesome. It's lyric-intensive though. Common has quite a bit to say about his hometown of Chicago and the high-profile violence. The production is subdued, but the beats are still good. The message that Common conveys in the album is quite introspective.
  • Nobody's Smiling review (in Spanish)
  • Может раньше и неплохо было, но когда ты записываешь стопятидесятый альбом, то качество всё равно уже не то. Так и здесь. От силы 3 трека зацепило, действительно понравился только Blak Majik, и то благодаря Джене Айко.
  • yes
  • the new Common album any good ?
  • liking the new album
  • Rewind That problably song of the year
  • Not really feeling the new album.
  • Murda
  • Common ft Jhene Aiko - Blak Majik (prod No I.D.)
  • Com got another one.
  • rewind that
  • new album pretty dope.
  • Resurrection and Like Water For Chocolate are his best along with Be in my opinion
  • @Marucu: Get yourself his complete discography. You'll love him.
  • The NO I.D and Kanye production lured me into his discography.
  • I've only heard "Be", are his other albums more rap focused or more melodic?
  • dash it, come to Vancouver it's really needed
  • New single is really refreshing.
  • Go! is awesome
  • He used to be called common sense really though, it's just shortened.
  • Cos he's an everyday man
  • why would a rapper name himself common
  • he is looking like a smart man
  • fking good


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