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  • 2015 and still waiting for a new album .. Anyone knows if they splitted ?
  • Hi everyone!! We are Groove metal/Nu metal band from Kazakhstan: SLAMEDOZER!!! We want to introduce our new single "Burn with me"!!!
  • + Tonight We Fall +
  • Still waiting for your new stuff!!!
  • drew875 why are you sad?
  • The longer they wait, the bigger is the possibility that they lose their talent. I am sad.
  • Seriously guys how much longer we will have to wait? :(
  • Awesome
  • Hi people!!! Please check out our band from Kazakhstan! We are SLAMEDOZER
  • Please make more music!
  • Love this band, different to anything else out there :)
  • "Shav2008 отметил Come to Dolly тегом ‘kircore’. на прошлой неделе" facepalm
  • Yea!!! ♥
  • I'm surprised they aren't more popular. Almost all of their songs are really good.
  • круто то что доктор прописал))
  • так се)
  • Awesome music! Thank you for putting up free downloads
  • отлично
  • Ну такое
  • Such a good band. So happy i stumbled into them on youtube
  • just perfect!
  • nice
  • just dicovered this band thay are awsome! ^_^
  • awsome
  • крутанские!
  • Клавишница великолепна.
  • Wow, im from napier and ive never heard of these jokers.. hope i can see them on the 19th
  • New track "Zero Point" live
  • good
  • great gonna buy the album
  • if you like this band, check out The Birthday Massacre
  • Amazing band, epic music
  • D-O-double L-Y we gonna bring it back ееее ^^ ну хорошки а
  • Orgy напомнили
  • Patterns Of You, Elysium ахуенные треки!
  • Elysium шикарна.
  • ok guys voting for Bon Jovi competition starts this morning at 9am please head here to vote for Come To Dolly
  • Hey guy we need all you guys to get in and rate our song "Patterns of You" to win the chance to open for Bon Jovi in Auckland here is the link Thanks everyone Come to Dolly
  • Break it Back Down выносит мне моск
  • Fantastic Group!!!!!!!!! 100\10 The Ascension the best song ever!
  • This is definately a great band. Dolly Grip is an amazing album. Every song is great. Thanks for some brilliant listning moments to CTD
  • разок послушать можна))
  • Elysium хорошая энергетика
  • so this is what it would sound like if orgy and koRn merged its amazing, keep up the great work guys!
  • Someone out there made this great vid:
  • Супер группа,жаль давно от них ничего не слышно..(
  • Elysium Is my fav at the moment it's marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kanashibari and Send Me An Angel are super!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is An Awesome Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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