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  • Avatar di 1000julys
    Wonderful songs.
  • Avatar di JMarceloF
    Awesome artist!
  • Avatar di ThijsvanBaalen
    Please, people, sign the petition.
  • Avatar di Kinetic-
    The new album is good!
  • Avatar di Coolbutlame
    Good lord, he was such a good sport on Comedy Bang Bang this week.
  • Avatar di Nixwoods
  • Avatar di ComePickMeUp999
    His recent London gig had him featured in O2's best gigs of last month - deservedly so!
  • Avatar di Concert_photos
    Colin Hay review and photos w. new tour dates at Concert Photos Magazine -
  • Avatar di FeatgaryTD
    Overkill is a masterpiece
  • Avatar di Concert_photos
    New photos! Colin Hay of Men at Work at Bonnaroo Music Festival at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 8, 2012 - Colin James Hay - © 2012 David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions Concert Photography Archives
  • Avatar di adetill
    Men at Work got me here. Be good Johnny <3
  • Avatar di dimon667
    Scrubs got me here. Overkill <3 [2]
  • Avatar di wagwagwag56
    Saw Colin Hay in Athens a couple of weeks ago. By far, the best small venue concert I have ever seen - and that includes over 2,500 concerts! He is amazing - vocally no one better. Sound was incredible. Kudo's to Melting Point.
  • Avatar di FierceMonster
    Scrubs got me here. Overkill <3
  • Avatar di KirianSparrow
    I wanna listen to him live! Come to Moscow!!
  • Avatar di cristhianfs
    His music made Scrubs an unforgettable ride
  • Avatar di SayHelloToDay
    my, my, my it's a beautiful world. Fuck, I love that song. [3]
  • Avatar di BlackVelvet_666
    my, my, my it's a beautiful world. Fuck, I love that song.[2]
  • Avatar di mr-wo1f
    He's best my favourite songs: 2,3,4,5,6,8 & 14
  • Avatar di VirgilyoZi
    Me And My Imaginary Friend <333
  • Avatar di zwurbelkurbel
    my, my, my it's a beautiful world. Fuck, I love that song.
  • Avatar di Tomapplehead
    Why he never comes to Germany? I want to see him live!
  • Avatar di arm6
    Amazing songwriter. Great Lyrics.
  • Avatar di Vladimir_Bull
    mmm... sweet Scurbs =)
  • Avatar di RevDocBrown
    Put on a killer show in Dallas. Great mix of song and story.
  • Avatar di CawweePandaPop
    always makes me smile :)
  • Avatar di Jaws_
    I can't get to sleep...
  • Avatar di Harlekin66
    i like him
  • Avatar di JGMcGowan
    Up in Smoke should be on this list!
  • Avatar di spbsun
    голос шикарный...и смысл
  • Avatar di atalanta10
  • Avatar di lapinskaya
    Хорошие песни, замечательный исполнитель. Дарит покой и поднимает настроение. Молодец.
  • Avatar di laindoll
  • Avatar di LoveMaximumFM
    Down Under (acoustic) - realy awesome
  • Avatar di axsap
  • Avatar di MyxxxxxDSMBR
    Waiting For My Real Life To Begin.
  • Avatar di SHardyv1
  • Avatar di sweatbloodtears
  • Avatar di SilverDrake11
    Took this video of him performing at his concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan last night:
  • Avatar di LoveMaximumFM
    American Sunshine - awesome new album
  • Avatar di bluetable
    I really respect him; deep, mature, skilled.
  • Avatar di DJGabster
    the flying song <333
  • Avatar di Luna___
    Overkill - Просто клёвая песня! И вообще исполнитель просто супер!!!
  • Avatar di anonyma007
    my favourite is overkill! its just amazing!
  • Avatar di vaffunculo_258
    Voice of gold.
  • Avatar di PThomasAnderson
    Estaba viendo kangaroo jack en la tele, cuando sentí un momento de extasis en todoterreno por australia y de fondo una canción alegre del estilo de OMC - how bizarre. No he parado hasta saber de quien se trataba y es de este señor, concretamente el tema Down Under. Va a ser un éxito para los días seleados en mi coche.
  • Avatar di ClmbngtheHorizn
    Could Colin Hay be any more amazing? I don't think so. I post -
  • Avatar di gEEEERa
    I Wish i was still Drinking, <3
  • Avatar di jacklamontagne
    saw him live, it was great hes awsome
  • Avatar di newromantistic
    Men At Work is a best of the best,great band !


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