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I Coil sono stati un gruppo di musica elettronica sperimentale, e nascono dall'incontro tra Peter Christopherson (ex-Throbbing Gristle) e John Balance, attivo nella scena underground industrial e membro degli Zos Kia. Quella che sembrava una collaborazione estemporanea si trasformò in un progetto stabile e i due incidono nel 1984 "How To Destroy Angels", ep considerato tra i capolavori della musica rituale. Sempre lo stesso…

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  • there seems to be 2 different tracklists of backwards circulating... any difference between those versions/are both real?
  • Maybe it's a kind of kicking a dead horse but I'm glad to see some shoutboxes are still alive, and particularly glad that Coil shoutbox is one of them.
  • It hasn't been released yet -- it's a mid October release, I think. There are no Coil albums on Spotify for the same reason that you can't buy them in shops: the earlier releases are/were tied up in all kinds of label litigation issues and thus are not produced anymore, and the latter albums were released by Sleazy himself, usually in limited quantities -- and he's deceased, so he can't negotiate with Spotify for digital rights. At least that's what I believe, I could be wrong; no one really seems to know exactly what's going on with the status of much of Coil's music. Supposedly the albums will be rereleased at some point soon, but that was talked about a couple of years ago and nothing came of it.
  • Still haven't received 'Backwards', what's up?
  • Why there r no coil album on spotify?
  • Обложка прелесть
  • Fire Of The Mind вообще бест тречок, особенно в ином звучании
  • Does anyone happen to know where exactly the footage from the official "A Cold Cell" video came from?
  • It'll be incredible to hear more unreleased Coil. I think I may have heard some of these tracks from the Backwards demo bootleg, at least in rough form, but the impression given is that this is the final mix and it's largely unheard; for example, I do not recall Fire of the Mind being on that bootleg in any form. I know it has leaked, but I'm being patient and waiting to get the CD and vinyl in the post.
  • I always thought that Fire of the Mind has too little vocals and too much music. I'm glad "new" version of this song brought some more lyrics with it

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