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I Coheed and Cambria (qualche volta abbreviati "Coheed" o "Co&Ca") sono una band progressive rock con influenze punk originaria di Nyack, Woodstock e Kingston. Questa band ha pubblicato 5 album prodotti in studio e un live. Questi album raccontano tutti differenti parti di una stessa saga fantascientifica, scritta e pubblicata dal cantante Claudio Sanchez. Coheed e Cambria Kilgannon sono i due personaggi principali della…

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  • Here To Mars is powerfully beautiful.
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • The more I listen to TCBTS, the more I fall in love; the demos are awesome too!
  • Catchy af, Atlas is a top tier Coheed song. 8/10, a fine addition to their disco.
  • The Color Before the Sun is a thousand times better than Year of the Black Rainbow, so at least there's that. I liked it well enough. Definitely not as good as The Afterman, but there were enjoyable songs, so fuck it. Not everything a band releases is going to be perfect.
  • Peace To The Mountain. Awesome new album!
  • New album isn't bad, but still little bit of a disappointment after incredible The Afterman albums.
  • New album is awesome,
  • New album is just alternative rock, it's weird but it isn't bad at all.

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