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Cobra Starship

The City Is At War (2:51)

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  • впервые слышу. классная ^__________^
  • Wow, I forgot about this song! Love it!
  • Really luv cobra starship!!!!!!!
  • Love this song. The music video is awesome too XD
  • <3
  • perfect
  • bang bang shoot 'em up yeah
  • I don't give either. :>
  • Ohmigawd, I love this song! "Ignore me if you see me cause I just don't give a shit." C; ♥
  • one of their best songs. <3
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  • love cobra starship
  • O no the city is at warr, y didnt nobuddy tell me, WTH
  • bang bang shoot em down
  • this is before they started to suck
  • Dont you miss how they sounded? <3
  • Ahhh. Old Cobra <3 what happened to them?
  • nice
  • The city is at war, and we freakin win :D
  • that robot is frakin awesome lol
  • I can't take this song out of my head!!!!!
  • love this song
  • OMG! have not herd anything like type of music that is really good like this song!
  • >:P
  • LOV it!!!
  • I love how in the video they use pie as a weapon.
  • This band is such a guilty pleasure for me.
  • <33
  • bang bang shoot em up yeah! [2] haha love this song.
  • bang bang shoot em up yeah!
  • Listening to this song at work makes work more awesome...(=
  • I love the music video for this song :>
  • aoegherhgierhgiehierhg best song by them by far.
  • this song has to be heard at full blast [2]
  • Omg, loooove <3 it!! :D
  • THE SHIP!!!
  • first two times i listened to it... i didn't like it HAHA but after that i've become used to it then... loved it :D
  • i don't like cobra starship. but i love this song.
  • love it!
  • Love this song(:
  • aaaaahhhh i love this song!!!!!!! <333333333333
  • This song rocks!
  • this song has to be heard at full blast
  • I dont know what it is but his voice makes me want to punch a baby in a good way? HAHA!
  • the music video to this is AH-MAZING! gabe is hot <3333333 BEST SONG EVA!!!
  • This song is awesome


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