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  • The style of drumming & guitar playing is totally different in Coal Chamber than Devildriver. Only commonality is the vocalist... apparently that's all some of you guys are hearing or paying attention to
  • Rivals is AWESOME! [4]
  • Their self-titled is their best, still is...
  • Rivals (2015) sounds like a soft DevilDriver.
  • Rivals is AWESOME! [3]
  • New album sounds too much like DevilDriver, even productionwise.
  • new album...never thought this could be happened!
  • New album just reminds me why I don't really listen to Coal Chamber very often.
  • Rivals is AWESOME! [2]
  • Rivals is AWESOME!
  • this new record is FUCKIN' BRUTAL! some really heavy groove sh*t. Coal Chamber is BACK!!
  • This album gets better each time i listen through it. I don't think i understood the gravity of the situation.
  • fuckin amazing show in Nottingham. Thank u guys
  • My rating 8.4 out 10
  • Loving Rivals. Fucking fantastic for a comeback after 13 years. In before "not as good as Dark Days". <--- No shit, those days were 13 years ago. Rivals meets my expectations. Bad Blood Between Us is probably my favourite right now.
  • new record sounds bland and uninspired..
  • New album is amazing... it's refreshing to hear some new nu-metal again :)
  • Suffer In Silence fucking great track ! [2]
  • во старички жгут!
  • Suffer In Silence fucking great track !
  • Awesome new album!!!
  • The album seems to be a bit generic. Maybe I need some more spins
  • One of the best Nu-Metal bands ever! 90's... when music was still good [3]
  • Rivals Is ЗАЕБИСЬ
  • Rivals is awesome
  • альбом хорош
  • @KBD39 seems to be a wretched psycho from the past
  • i thought this band has split up, guess the singer just took a break to sing for devildriver. nice to see this band is back!
  • Coal Chamber - Rivals REVIEW
  • How come "Rivals" already has some listeners?
  • Clock sounds like "Cock - in comes my penis"
  • believe in blisters
  • Nadja, Chela o Rayna?
  • Rivals awesome!!!
  • Nu-metal was made up by some rap kid that liked some metal! lol Just a bad tag!! They were always a metal band with gothic overtones!!!
  • muito foda! :)
  • I.O.U. fucking awesome!!
  • Coal Chamber were more to me... representative of the median of the whole nu-metal thing. To me they didn't make the genre any worse (but did they make it better? probably not) but they did have some weird atmospheres and a singer in Dez that was a little unusual and different. I like some of the melodies on songs like "El Cu Cuy", "Untrue", "Tyler's Song", "Not Living" and "My Mercy" on Chamber Music but Dark Days was the equivalent of a band imploding on itself. Hopefully the new record is good... I hope Meegs shows he can do a couple of runs or is capable of some more detailed riffing than on their old stuff.
  • COAL CHAMBER to Release Rivals This May (19th) on Napalm Records Artwork, Track Listing and Release Dates Revealed
  • One of the best Nu-Metal bands ever! 90's... when music was still good [2]
  • One of the best Nu-Metal bands ever! 90's... when music was still good
  • Cool band glad to hear they are making a comeback
  • в следующем году новый альбом!!! ждем
  • группа кул,удивлен что маловато слушателей.
  • Loco, Big Truck and I are my favorite songs by them.
  • i imagine you have a hard time not falling asleep at one of their shows.
  • "Like it or not, they're irrelevant now... and a lot of people listen to Coal Chamber only because of nostalgia." Bullsh*t. DevilDriver are more irrelevant, particularly when they weren't as big as Lamb of God and many other modern Metal bands which are also way past their peak in terms of musical quality and popularity. 2007-2008 was pretty much the ending point to Groove/Metalcore being relevant or popular. Nu Metal is more on the rise again and more fans will inevitably pick up on the new Coal Chamber.
  • I'm probably going to buy their new album sooner or later, but I don't think too many people will care about the new album. Like it or not, they're irrelevant now. Even with the Nu Metal revival that's in its early stages right now, it seems like the world has forgotten about them and a lot of people listen to Coal Chamber only because of nostalgia. Still, gonna be interesting to see what they come up with, they say the music's evolved, I wonder if it really did and how do the new songs sound like?
  • I just came here 'cause my roof is on fire. Any suggestions?


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