• Clutch Sydney 01/06/07

    Giu 2 2007, 1:46 di TheRomulans

    What a goose. I wasn't even going to go to last night's Clutch concert at the Metro... despite the firm knowledge that they are a great live band, that I really enjoyed it last time when they were at the Annandale... anyway :p I'm glad I went!

    First band, Peeping Tom, confused me... as theres two bands named Peeping Tom -- the "other" one coming to play some solo shows in not too long in Sydney as well... so anyway. Some tasty Clutch-like riffs at times kept me interested.

    Budd was up next, sort of a bit more heavy/sludgey up the alley of Fu Manchu - which I've been listening to more recently. Some good variety, heavy awesome riffs... I'm interested enough to download I think! Although I must say I'm a little more wary to download support band material after The Answer's album was a lot more "generic rock" than their live show was, supporting Eagles of Death Metal.

    At this point in the night I kept thinking of the recent Isis concert, since it was the only other show I'd seen at the Metro…