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Dopo aver condiviso esperienze nell'uso di strumenti elettronici e tecniche musicali sperimentali, Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius e Conrad Schnitzler formarono i Kluster nel 1970. Il trio pubblicò tre album: Klopfzeichen, Zwei Osterei ed Eruption. Quando Schnitzler lasciò il gruppo, Roedelius e Moebius divennero i Cluster, e iniziarono a lavorare assiduamente col produttore/ingegnere del suono Conny Plank, fino alla sua morte nel 1987.

I Cluster e il fondatore dei Neu! Michael Rother registrarono due album sotto il nome Harmonia; si… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Technically, the first album should be tagged without "Brian" and the second one with. But that's silly, so I prefer to tag both after the debut. Also, the analogous project [artist]Fripp & Eno[/artist] clearly omits "Brian" on all three of its albums, plus I think it sounds better as "Cluster & Eno".
  • This is an incorrect tag. Please click "Is Cluster & Brian Eno misspelt?" on the top right and suggest a correction to [url=]Cluster & Eno[/url].
  • This music is wet as hell. My wife and I get ourselves hot on these tracks. She's a Cluster-girl while I'm more an Eno-boy. Don't matter, we fuck our married brains and make little college dropouts to this duo.
  • [artist]Cluster & Eno[/artist]
  • give us more of this, please!
  • remixed fur luise and biggie's suicidal thoughts on a garage track, check it out:
  • Seriously, best colaboration on ambient music ever made...
  • "oops i take that back actually....he could do no wrong pre - 2000's. i.e. u2 & coldplay.. A guy's gotta make a buck I guess. " he did a lot of work for U2 in the 80s.
  • "Cluster & Eno" Fix tags. [2]

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