• My Favorite Albums: #91 Clint Mansell’s “The Fountain”

    Apr 16 2009, 4:53 di DamnYouAll

    I have never listened to a great deal of scores for films, as I tend not to take the soundtrack as a separate element. However, when I saw “Requiem for a Dream” I was haunted by the score, which added such tension and emotion to the scenes that ran behind it. When I bought the album, and learned it was Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet that did the work, I was impressed enough to seek out more of their collaborations. A few years ago, when The Fountain came out, I was delighted to see Darren Aronofsky had again chosen Mansell and the Quartet to do the film’s score. Though it was not as vital to the movie as it was in Requiem for a Dream, the score to this film is a wonderful and dynamic piece of music.

    Built around the theme of the movie, we find a score that is designed to bring to life the haunting of a person in love, building from the myth’s of man to the lowness of the world to the lifted strains of the Heavens and back again. …
  • 10 Tracks Contest - The Sequel

    Dic 13 2007, 21:19 di redhalo

    I went to my dashboard and was pleasantly surprised to find all 15 of my friends just listened spots occupied with "just listened"... again! Second time I've seen this in the year and four months that I've been here!

    They have been chosen as contestants in my 10 Tracks - The Sequel contest. Only two returning contenders... aangen (previous score 30) and jimbarton84 (previous score 26). None of the original finalists are repeat contenders!
    Link to original 10 Tracks Contest journal.

    Fear not there is no physical activity on your part involved. All you have to do is hope the first ten songs played on your radio score enough points to achieve the highest score.

    Artists will be rated based on my top 500 artists as such:

    Artists that appear between 1 and 100 will be given 10 points
    Artists that appear between 101 and 200 will be given 7 points
    Artists that appear between 201 and 300 will be given 5 points
    Artists that appear between 301 and 400 will be given 3 points
  • The Fountain.

    Ott 20 2007, 20:55 di lady_sati

    There are some films that can be fully appreciated only If seen at least twice.
    Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain" is definetly that kind of a film.
    I remember exactly how I felt the first time I'd seen it - I was astonished with the package but not with the story. Now, experiencing a lot during last few months I find this to be one of the most beautiful and the wisest films ever made.
    As an atheist I consider this film to carry an ultimate consolation for me - after I die there will be nothing waiting for me, not Heaven, not even Hell. But I will last in some other form. Just as love of main characters, which later became Tree of Life.

    Yes, this is truly a masterpiece, and so is the breathtaking soundtrack by Clint Mansell.

    Clint Mansell
    The Fountain OST

    Death Is the Road to Awe
    First Snow
    Tree of Life
    Together We Will Live Forever
    Finish It
    The Last Man
    Death Is a Disease
    Stay With Me
    Holy Dread!

  • Finish It

    Set 2 2007, 18:05 di Tscholi

    Can u ?

    Finish It
  • An ode to The Fountain

    Mag 18 2007, 17:02 di ceruleanedge

    Looking back at my track charts for the last six months, I was mildly astonished to find, not some indie band, but a composer at the top. I have listened to Clint Mansell's The Fountain OST nearly fifty times in the past six months, all the tracks combining to a play count of 500. I never knew how to explain why the soundtrack is so amazing to me. It is driving, compelling, and quite emotionally raw. It has inspired poetry out of me where nothing else could. I looked up a music review on pitchfork but was disappointed by the author saying it would be liked by people who liked the movie, but not otherwise. The power of the music is undeniable, and it can most definitely be felt regardless of the movie. The movie only serves to provide stunning visuals to accompany the music. I had this minute epiphany that though the soundtrack is quite modern, using electric guitars and such, it doesn't sound modern. It sounds ageless and primal, elemental, like it always existed and the composer merely unearthed it for the rest of us. …