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  • Avatar di KineticPhantom
  • Avatar di pteronophobic
    I don't think that this piece necessarily evokes the imagery of Arabian architecture. More like ripples on a pond.
  • Avatar di StuartHaden1
    Thank you Claude. Your enchanting melodies are full of feelings of memorable beauty.
  • Avatar di StuartHaden1
    piano is playing at the correct speed for me.
  • Avatar di sixty-forty
    A bit too fast
  • Avatar di Sooperglitcher
    Agree, that it is ever so slightly fast in this recording..
  • Avatar di angedesang
    Too fast needs to be slower..Still a good piece *-*
  • Avatar di VooVoo2You
  • Avatar di MitschoMitscho
    Eindeutig zu schnell gespielt...
  • Avatar di freetofu
    I'm getting a guitar version. Good!

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