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Citizen Cope

Salvation (5:15)

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Say, Judas came up to D.C.
He'd been down in Georgia for a while
He drove a 944, he bought with the soul
Of a blond-headed kid with a left-handed guitar

Testo di Citizen Cope - Salvation


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  • could listen to this over and over and over and over
  • clarence! you can do no wrong!
  • my interpretation has always been along the same lines, but the Cobain reference is news to me. thanks haha.
  • The lyrics are about staying out of musical corruption. "Judas came up to DC" - Judas was the betrayer of Jesus in the Bible. "He'd been down in Georgia for a while" - referencing the song Devil went down to Georgia. "He drove a 944 He'd bought with the soul Of a blond headed kid With a left-handed guitar" - referencing Kurt Cobain who also has had problems with management. "His first shot grazed my eye I lost half of my sight And my firstborn's life" - Referencing his first album, which was never released because of management. And also he has a scar by his eye, which makes it interesting. "The second shot knocked off my guitar moon And it made my guitar kinda play out of tune" - saying how his management affected his songs. "But I just kept strumming Like I had nothing to lose He turned the third on himself 'Cause the bastard knew" - Cope remained loyal to his music and refused to let the management take over him, and they let him go because they knew that he never will.
  • its awesome!
  • badass
  • i dont get this song. i dont like the lyrics
  • lyrical genius!
  • Who would have thought that a Charlie Daniels reference would fit really well in a song like this?
  • awesome track! i just can't wrap my arms enough around the lyrics to this one. they are that awesome. 'i lost half my sight and my first born's life... put the gun down, put the gun down, put the, put the, put the gun down... yeah, yay...'

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