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  • Avatar di ihavesoldout
  • Avatar di trythisonapiano
    One of my favorite songs.
  • Avatar di nocturana
  • Avatar di 1511AK128
    very sweet song for people that are sad i heard this song when i was coming into 4th grade
  • Avatar di MouseInaBag
    Мистр Какашка????..мм..бхааахааах 8)))))))))))))))))))))
  • Avatar di bittersweet82
  • Avatar di Spilster
    I don't agree that its a beautiful song. It's about war and the death of culture, Its about the Iraq war and how the museum in Baghdad got robbed and a priceless Persian vase was found on eBay a few weeks later and it was goingt for $25. But it's an awesome song none the less :). I've seen them live a few times now. I am a fan of their folk work :) All of it is good regardless whether it's old or new! I prefer the version on the album though compared to this. It's slightly different melodically.
  • Avatar di Bladerunner6464
    I love this band have followed them since Pictures of Starving Children They say it how it is
  • Avatar di kakymiralo
    mister kakashka!!
  • Avatar di fluemi
    my favorite !

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