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1947 (4:18)

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  • RIP! Today is 228 memorial day this song is dedicated to.
  • Anti-opression / government whatever, the taiwanese people (many native taiwaneses, also people who came to Taiwan in the two centuries before) formed a resistance against the Kuomintong (the ruling party of China) who came to Taiwan in 1945 after "Japan gave Taiwan back to China" because they lost the war. In the beginning many taiwaneses looked forward to be in China's hands again and not to be ruled by Japan. In reality China became very agressive to the people and killed many of them, most of all in the 228 Incident this song is about. It is said that a police officier attacked an old woman who was smuggling with cigarettes, after that the people attacked the officier and the situation escalated. The final battle was in the famous Sing Ling Temple; many ChthoniC songs are about this battle, the album "Mirror of Retribution" describes supernatural things happened in this scenario, per exemple a priest who went to hell. This song is called "1947" because of this inglorious year in TW
  • That's something that my history teachers never taught me. Anyway the song is so amazing it reminds me of actually being in a war zone.
  • 1947 refers to the year of the 228 Massacre, you're right. I'm not sure if you're asking a question or seeing if what you posted was accurate. It was not totally 'anti-government', it was more of 'anti-oppression' since Taiwan had (and in a way has been) ruled by numerous countries throughout it's existence, nearly all which have been rather brutal and oppressive to Taiwan's people.
  • I'll have to ask my cousin about this, he's in Taiwan. fantastic song.
  • to answer before you ask - 1947 seems to be year, when '228 Incident' (also named 228 Massacre) had place. It was anti-goverment uprising in Taiwan. For whole story, visit

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