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Chris Thile

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (3:09)

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Dead Leaves and the dirty ground when I know
You're not around shiny tops and soda pops when I
hear your lips make a sound when I hear your lips make a sound

Testo di Chris Thile - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground


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  • Good cover!
  • Both Jack White and Chris Thile are great, and I'll be seeing them both at the same festival this summer. Weird.
  • Jack White's talent lies in the simplicity of his songs. I am sure Chris could play this on guitar with ease. Hell, I play Jack's music and I'm a guitar novice. I like both versions, for different reasons sums it up nicely. But who cares, it's great music no matter how you slice it. Just depends on your mood.
  • I like both versions. For different reasons. Whatever.
  • I like this, and the guy is incredibly technically proficient, but I much prefer the original. Much more passionate and soulful. Jack White's voice might not be as skilled, but it carries way more emotion, in this song at least.
  • Jack White is a below average guitar player. How in the hell can you compare him to a prodigy like Thile?
  • Uh, yeah, Chris Thile is way more talented at the mandolin than Jack White could ever hope to be at the guitar. If ya like guitar more, whatever, but there are more talented guitarists than Jack, too. Easily. Not saying I don't like the White Stripes or anything, but c'mon.
  • @xiempiethps, what... all noisy and messed up? no. i'll take mr. thile and his hot assed mandolin stylin' any day over jack white. ;-)

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