• Mia Dyson -- The Zoo

    Lug 10 2007, 3:19 di Dsthenes

    Sat 30 Jun – Mia Dyson, Chris Brady, Blackwater Fever

    Mia Dyson, Chris Brady, Blackwater Fever
    The Zoo, Brisbane
    June 20, 2007

    Undeterred by a tiny early-evening crowd of no more than 30, grotty blues outfit Blackwater Fever hook their instruments directly into the brain’s most primal pleasure centres as they churn out a solid set of sleazy guitar riffs and rhythmic thumping toms coupled with deep, gravelly vocals that evoke Tom Waits at times.

    Be-spectacled guitarist Andrew Walter and drummer Shane Hicks conjure a storm of noise that would put many four-piece units to shame as they showcase several songs from their EP Abused Blues and a bunch of new tunes. Early on, they evoke gunslinger ballads of yore and occasionally drop hints of echoing surf rock, but by and large the EP title sums their grimy style perfectly.

    Chris Brady opens with low-key gentle tunes characterised by mellow, yearning vocals and guitar harmonies that float along on a stream of bongo-laden percussion. …