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Chicago Picasso
Chip tha Ripper

Standing On Sofas featuring Chip Tha Ripper (3:35)

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  • this is my 6th listen to this and I am still not bored
  • YAER!
  • I like Chip, but never liked this track.
  • tough shit
  • same old braggin about nothing bullshit
  • This beat is niceeee
  • this song gets boring after a couple plays
  • yawn
  • my 1st time hearin him on lastfm, he nice!
  • How is it Chip tha Ripper featuring Chip tha Ripper and how could so many people make that mistake that it's his top song?
  • like oprah?
  • sexy beats and okay lyrics equal.. good song :) nice :)
  • hard...
  • 216
  • fresh yeees . i anit sayin shit n u still came home wit
  • yooo proudest bitch here!!
  • This Nigga said, "Party like Tommy Lee.. fuc'em like Tommy Lee.. tape like Tommy Lee then i hit the stage like i'm still Tommy Lee do ya follow me"
  • Look up ilandboi on google he vish too.
  • like oprah?
  • I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.
  • its Naledge - Standing on Sofas (ft. Chip Tha Ripper)
  • Interior Crocodile Alligator
  • blazing to this, diggin' it, <3'd.
  • wheres woldo sofas Oprah and fried okra now thats tha life
  • Who raps the first two verses's ?
  • "fresh pair of J's crispy like fried Okre" Thats sum country shit. DIRTY dirty
  • Chip makes me proud to be from ohio haha
  • like it
  • Good beats, good lyrics.
  • Like it different than my norm,but fire....keep on keepin' on....
  • like it , nice beats
  • asssssk my about chiiiiippp thaaaaa riiippppp
  • chippppppp!
  • Yuhh Dallas, Texas! 214!!
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  • chipp tha ripp
  • haha that is funny chip tha ripper feat chip tha ripper
  • so it's.... chip tha ripper, feat chip tha ripper (2)
  • I dunno...he must be one of those rappers who's alot better than he sounds. I ain't hatin' that name tho
  • so it's.... chip tha ripper, feat chip tha ripper
  • i cant believe i have never heard him before! very underrated. he's dope.
  • I say shit still came home wet
  • fresh pair of j's looking like some fried ocra!
  • phreshhhhhhhhhhhas as phuckkkkkkkk
  • "drink but the tree to the side like timbaland"......WOW
  • sup cleveland
  • Fresh pair of J's crispy like some fried okra!!
  • This is super fresh
  • not bad
  • Where can I find this song? It's not on youtube or anything so the only thing I can listen to is the preview


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