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Armando Anthony "Chick" Corea (nato il 12 giugno 1941 a Chelsea, in Massachusetts) è un pianista/tastierista jazz noto soprattutto per le sue produzioni jazz fusion negli anni settanta.
Corea ha iniziato a suonare negli anni sessanta con il trombettista Blue Mitchell, e con alcuni grandi della musica latino-americana come Willie Bobo e Mongo Santamaria. Il primo album che lo vede come leader è Tones For Joan's Bones, nel…

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  • Wieczór spod znaku wybitnych wokaliz i niezwykłych improwizacji, czyli co potrafią Chick Corea i Bobby McFerrin!
  • Mistrzowie improwizacji wystąpią razem na niezwykłym koncercie! To będzie jedno z największych koncertowych wydarzeń tego roku! Przeczytajcie więcej o tych wyjątkowych muzykach, jakimi są Chick Corea i Bobby McFerrin!
  • I saw him play The Vigil, near where i live. It was worth the trip at night
  • Mich interessiert nur seine Musik: Die ist absolut richtungsweisend.
  • I don't listen to him enough.
  • For many people, Scientology is more of an organized cult than it is an organized religion. It's no secret that they do some really grotesque things to people who don't toe the line. Look up what The Hole is if you want to get a glimpse of the reprehensible things the church is responsible for. It's understandable that some people would have a hard time listening to music made by someone who supports (whether directly or tacitly) those kinds of practices. I try to separate people from the music they make, and personally I don't see any type of Scientology influence on Corea's music. As bad as Scientology is, it's not a hate group like National Socialism or the KKK, and since Corea isn't using his music to push Scientology, I don't see why it should be a big deal.
  • hes cool
  • Apenas ouçam a grande música!
  • Scientology is a always a big turn off, but in this case it doesn't spoil the music. I can't expect all musicians I like to have the same opinions as me and I'm willing to put up with them holding objectionable views as long as they don't try to express or promote that ideology through their music.
  • What does Scientology have to do with quality of the music? Certainly it is deemed bogus to some, or not, depending on how each perspective sees it as a religion, or as a joke, or as any other possible views. He creates music that is very intensely creative, therein lies the beauty. To think and act freely and self-aware, and not necessarily have external factors influence our perceptive from what it intellectually and/or intuitively is/was? Personally, no; everyone is free to their own individuality, regardless of the possible religiously affecting properties that Scientology possesses. I do not know the personality of Chick Corea, so if he has snobbish attitude and/or exhibits senseless close-minded behaviour, that could factor in for distaste.

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