• Random Randomness

    Dic 25 2006, 23:54 di mergicuviitura

    Eeny meeny rules:
    1.Turn shuffle on on your player.
    2.Answer the questions la-bas by copying the song title and artist in they're shuffled.
    3. Add your own comments.
    4.Serve chilled.

    1.How are you feeling today?
    Blockhead- Breathe and Start [yeah, I might as well shake my hangover off and woooork!]

    2.Will you get far in life?
    Sonny and Cher - I've Got You Babe [ok...so I'll get knocked up, married and be confined to life of kitchen slaving with a fat rugby hubby name Earl Bubba Jr in a trailer. I can't wait. Or maybe my greatest exploit would be finding true love. Corny.]

    3.How do your friends see you?
    Toploader - Dancing in the Moonlight [awww... I might add barefooted in the snow at 10 degrees Celsius below zero].

    4.Will you get married?
    Shout Out Louds - Sound is The Word [hmm..."It's gonna takes us years and years
    to only get there.
    You know that friends will allways help you out,
    but they can't save you.". I might in years and years but... …