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    Ago 20 2011, 19:34 di suzqs

    Sun 14 Aug – Chicago
    Picture young, big, burly security guards lined up all around the stage, making sure the 50 and 60-somethings don't mob the stage when Chicago comes out to perform. It was definitely overkill and a little ridiculous on the part of the venue. So, Chicago comes out, everybody gets on their feet to the first tune of The Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon. I get so excited I whip out my Flip to get a little. All of a sudden one of the big, burly guards gets in my face and says "That's not allowed." So now I'm screwed, because the dufus is watching me and I have to be good. So, I clap and sing along to the next few songs, Make Me Smile and Colour My World, which is my all-time fav. It was a really big song when I was in high school. It got played by every band at the time. After that they play Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is and about five more songs after that. During this time, there are people trying to go to the stage and sing and dance, and guess who starts chasing them away?! Yup…
  • Chicago

    Apr 2 2006, 6:40 di fakehand

    How I've gone all this time - a fan of Fleetwood Mac, Electric Light Orchestra, David Bowie, etc.. - without an appreciation for Chicago, I don't really know.
    Early memories I can recall, mom pointing out Peter Cetera's voice on the radio. I had always regarded Chicago as mediocre, bland, 80s love pop cheese. Of course, this is all true of late Chicago stuff, and Peter Cetera's solo career. But flingin-flanger! This early 70s stuff the band put out is PURE GOLD. It's jazzy, it's soulful, it's theatrical, it's right up my alley, and I have no idea why it wasn't until earlier this week I realized. Maybe what mom listened to before kids wasn't all bad. No, Seals & Crofts is pretty bad.

    Just listen to 25 Or 6 To 4, or I'm a Man, or Make Me Smile, or Saturday in the Park, or Colour My World. Really, the arrangements are outstanding. They make use of brass sections, and what's more, they play the horns (and flute) themselves! Trombone player…