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  • They were. I remember playing it for a friend that was super into this scene and him asking "Whos this??".
  • Always thought these guys were super underrated.
  • s2
  • It's ok because there's new hope for a comeback! We should find out soon!
  • damn. Now to add these guys to the list of bands that have promised new music that haven't delivered. So They Say, Halifax, Bleed The Dream, and now Chasing Victory. ughhhh [2]
  • "As far as Chasing Victory goes: The comeback is a no go. All 5 members of CV actually met up last weekend at Chris Cargile's wedding. We talked a little bit about it and came to the conclusion that a comeback was impractical. In lieu of beating a dead horse, I'm going to say it is not EVER going to happen. Sorry, guys. I have a CV song that I wrote and recorded at my house that I may post on this page someday. But don't fret guys and gals, there is plenty of music to come from Astoria." Bummed
  • damn. Now to add these guys to the list of bands that have promised new music that haven't delivered. So They Say, Halifax, Bleed The Dream, and now Chasing Victory. ughhhh
  • fuck them for getting our hopes up!
  • what the fuck man?
  • where the fuck's that ep at ?
  • I don't know why but I can't wait for Chasing Victory to hit 1 million plays.
  • очень хороши на обоих альбомах,но особо на втором!
  • need the new EP, now!
  • I just discovered these guys. RAD STUFF!
  • Anybody got some new info on where theyre at with this comeback?!
  • they both cant be amazing?
  • fuck MMF. Chasing Victory still own. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEE.
  • Memphis may fires new cd is pretty legit!
  • WooT! Chasing Victory!! I hope that EP comes out soon :D BTW if you like CV check out 'Memphis May fire'....they will change your life.
  • почемууу они распались... лолы((
  • I just hope they actually get the EP out and don't go the way Bleed the Dream have. They said they'd have new music back in 2009.
  • душевные песни..
  • I hope it's like fiends, at first I hated the Cd but now it's in my top 5 forshurr
  • Wish we could hear just a piece of what the comeback EP will sound like. If it sounds like I Call This Abandonment... holy shit I would be pumped, but it's more likely they'll keep "progressing" and go with more of a Fiends sound. Oh well I just want to hear it.
  • ooohl ala
  • need the new EP!
  • One of my favourite singers, bands, albums of all time FIENDS for the win
  • hopefully they continue to create new music after the new EP
  • Had the privilege to open for these guys a few years back in NC. Good times.
  • Where did you hear the news for the new ep?
  • I've loved you guys for a looooooonnnngggg time
  • Best news of the month, can't wait for this EP !
  • The EP is great news, can't wait to hear it.
  • fuck yeah, can't wait for the new EP! :D
  • Chasing Victory is currently writing a comeback E.P.!
  • This atheist gives "I Call This Abandonment" two thumbs up.
  • [album artist=Astoria]E.P.(ic)[/album]
  • Fiends is a masterpiece of an album.
  • new band with former members of chasing victory
  • Jesus Freak <3
  • bom ouvir novamente.
  • 'First Steps to Recovery' being on the top tracks is great. The mistagged 'First Steps to Recovery (I Call This Abandonment Album Version)' being on the top tracks is not so great. :< Underappreciated band!
  • sadly alot of good bands break up. [2]
  • And I've been dreaming of elaborate schemes... <3
  • This band is so, so sick.
  • sadly alot of good bands break up.
  • awesome band
  • i really miss this band, they were amazing!
  • God damn if they don't look like they're from Georgia. They sound like they're from Jersey, though.


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